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The Worst F1 Teams in the History of the Sport

Debates concerning the best F1 teams always bring out various opinions and cause intense arguments. Some are underestimated and some are overestimated, while others are forgotten completely. One can be sure though that the same things happen when the discussion is about the worst teams in the history of the super speed sport. Not everyone will agree with the list below. In addition, there are more candidates than places on the list. When thinking of a list like this, the following names easily come to mind, and the reasons for that are many.

The Worst F1 Teams

1. Life

It all began with a chassis that should have marked the F-3000, the predecessor of F1. Lamberto Leoni’s plans did not come to life, but with a Judd V8 at its back, the car could prove important in the hands of others. However, the most obvious choice was not the one Ernesto Vita ended up using with his team.


Franco Rocchi, a former Ferrari engineer, had a W12 engine ready to use back in 1990. Think of this engine as a V8, but with an inline four in the middle. It showed some promise at the dyne, but really, it was tested in the GPs, with the driver being Gary Brabham. This combination never worked however. Back then, prequalifying was necessary to determine the 30 cars, which would race for the 26 positions on the grid.


It was a success if the F190 completed a single lap. And when it did manage, its rivals were at least 15 seconds ahead. Enough was enough for poor Jack Brabham’s son. Disastrously, not even a Russian help in the form of capital, and a Mig badge from the aircraft factory, could bring a solution. The car was unfortunately slower than the F3 cars, which raced in Monaco on the same weekend. Finally, Vita decided to change the W12 engine for a more reliable Judd V8 in Spain and Portugal races. These efforts were no better than the last few tries.