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Hamilton’s Fifth F1 Title

Introduction Whenever an athlete or a sports vehicle driver makes a good name for him and starts to be the best at what he does, comparisons with the previous drivers and drivers from the past are inevitable. This has recently been the case with Lewis Hamilton who has now succeeded to win his fifth F1 […]

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The Greatest Formula One Drivers Of All Times

Ever since the first car was invented, men have started racing them, to see which car and which driver were the fastest. Formula One was born out of that desire. Over the decades, drivers and car constructors have been trying to get the elusive trophy, sacrificing time, money, and often lives in order to win […]

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8 Famous F1 Drivers and Their Dogs

F1 drivers have more fans than you are led to believe. Besides their team, family and friends cheering for them, most of the drivers have pets, which are the biggest fans out of all! When they are not racing, these famous F1 faces love to spend time with their pets. And here are the most […]