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Formula 1 Slang, Properly Explained

Formula 1 is a very exciting sport that attracts a large number of viewers. However, new fans may find it hard to understand all the terms used by drivers and their teams in communication. Since the beginning of the new season is near, we decided to present you the meaning of some of the words […]

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Renault Unveils New Formula 1 Car For 2019 Season

Renault has introduced a new car that drivers of this racing team will drive this season in the Formula 1 championship. In addition to the new car, Renault has a new driver as well. Alongside Nico Hulkenberg who has been a member of the team for several seasons, they also signed Daniel Ricciardo. This suggests […]

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The Biggest Shocks During Pre-season Testing Of The Formula 1 Car

There is very little time left until the start of the new Formula 1 season. All teams make the final tests, and drivers are preparing for the new challenges that await them on the track. The next month, tests will be held at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona from 18 to 21 February, while the […]

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FuturoCoin Has Arrived To Formula One

Cryptocurrency has arrived to Formula One with FuturoCoin sponsoring Red Bull Aston Martin.  Despite the fact that cryptocurrency market is a far cry from what it was back in 2017, it isn’t dead by a long shot, as proven by the deal Red Bull Aston Martin signed with FuturoCoin (FTO). 

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Zandvoort Mayor Wants to Host Formula 1

The Mayor of Zandvoort, a Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam, said that he wants the town to host Formula 1. Niek Meije shared his support for F1 and he claims that the Netherlands has demonstrated substantial support. However, in order to secure such a deal with Formula 1, the town has to find EUR […]