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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Michael Schumacher

Born on January 3rd. 1969, Michael Schumacher is a retired German racing driver. He has raced for Benetton, Prix, Formula One, Jordan Grand and Ferrari where he earned most of his experience and fame. In addition to this he raced for Mercedes upon his return to racing. Michael Schumacher held the World Champion title seven times in his career so far. He has a record for most winnings (91), top racer in a single season and the fastest laps. In 2013 the driver faced a terrible accident that gave him traumatic injuries of the brain from which he is recovering now.

Following are eight facts about the conqueror!

1. How it Started

At six, Schumacher became the youngest member of the Karting track located at Kerpen-Horrem. To support his passion his father built a kart out of discarded spare parts with the help of which he won his first Club Championship so far. His father also took up a part time job of repairing and renting karts while his mother supported him by working in a canteen so far.

2. He Got His License at a Young Age

In order to continue his success in karting, Schumacher needed a kart driving license. Sadly, the rules of Germany were against him at that time as the eligible age to get a license was 14 years old and he was 2 years younger. To solve this problem, Schumacher decided to head towards the Luxembourg as the minimum age required there was 12 so far.

3. He is Uninterested in Luxury Cars

Being a victory holder multiple times one might assume that he drives expensive cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes etc. But in reality, he prefers to drive normal cars for his personal use. He owns a- Fiat 500 Abarth for personal use and Fiat Croma for family. Apart from this he owns a Ferrari FXX which was gifted to him upon his retirement from F1.

4. He Is Generous At Heart

In 1994, he won the first title but this year is also remembered as a tragic year in F1 as two drivers lost their lives including Ayrton Senna. Keeping this in mind he dedicated his win to the late racer saying that e was the man who deserved it.’

5. His Favorite Movie Is…

The Silence of the Lambs! In one of his interviews, he told the press that he enjoys watching movies and also loves the Hannibal’s Franchise so far.

6. He Helped in Building a Helmet!

Schubert team and Schumacher developed a lightweight helmet which is known as RF 1.5 in 2004.

This helmet specializes in maintaining a cool and good aerodynamic stability.

7. His Brother Also Loves Race Car Driving

Schumacher has a younger brother named Ralf who also competed in F1 race in 1997. However he could not prove to be as good as his brother due to some unnecessary incidents.

8. He Received The Nickname “The Red Barron”

Owing to his marvelous performance, Schumacher-the legendary driver soon earned the title of “The Red Baron” by his fans.