Some of the Strangest F1 Driver Superstitions

It might sound surprising, but Formula 1 drivers have some strange superstitions. These are some of the strangest F1 driver superstitions we came across, which we wanted to share with you. Keep reading and prepare to be surprised!

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s Fifth F1 Title

Introduction Whenever an athlete or a sports vehicle driver makes a good name for him and starts to be the best at what he does, comparisons with the previous drivers and drivers from the past are inevitable. This has recently been the case with Lewis Hamilton who has now succeeded to win his fifth F1 […]

Formula 1 Race

Top 7 Driver Bans in Formula One

Formula One is the most superior segment of automobile racing and the vehicles that are used here are the fastest single-seated cars on our planet. It is a real joy to watch the professional drivers steer through the bends and speed up on the straight line.