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How Did Formula 1 Get Its Name? – And What Formula 1 Means?

If you call yourself a motorsport fan and if you love watching Formula 1 you should know something about the history of this sport. How well do you know it? Perhaps naming several drivers from the past is not that beautiful but do you know why Formula 1 got the name that it carries to […]


Holden Time Attack Concept: A 1,340-Horsepower Beast

The supercars that are produced today usually exceed 1,000 horsepower. And the leading companies are Koenigsegg, Rimac and many others. Such vehicles also feature crazy aerodynamics and they are usually made for a race track. But who would have thought that Holden would produce a supercar? Yes, the Australian Holden!

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Top 10 Richest F1 Drivers Ever

Being the best at any sport means a hefty paycheck. And motorsports aren’t the exception. The F1 drivers earn a lot of money. Not only do they get paid when they cross the finish line first, but they also receive income from sponsors, commercials, etc. Have you ever wondered who the richest people in Formula […]