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The Working Of Car Parking Management System

In the recent times, many countries have undergone rapid economic growth, this consequently has led to increasing in disposable income being received by the people and thus many people are buying vehicles for personal and commercial use leading to a very vast rise of vehicles in the road.


Why Bike Is A Great Alternative To A Car

Now, if you are reading this article chances are you enjoy going everywhere by car but know that it may not be the healthiest option. And while we can all agree that car is the most effective land transport option, there are still certain alternatives that are healthier and can even be more fun.

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Formula 1 Slang, Properly Explained

Formula 1 is a very exciting sport that attracts a large number of viewers. However, new fans may find it hard to understand all the terms used by drivers and their teams in communication. Since the beginning of the new season is near, we decided to present you the meaning of some of the words […]

Formula 1

Renault Unveils New Formula 1 Car For 2019 Season

Renault has introduced a new car that drivers of this racing team will drive this season in the Formula 1 championship. In addition to the new car, Renault has a new driver as well. Alongside Nico Hulkenberg who has been a member of the team for several seasons, they also signed Daniel Ricciardo. This suggests […]