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Robocars – The Future Of Racing Has Arrived!

You have for sure heard of the saying: “The future is now”. Well, as it turns out, this statement is true, especially when you take a look at the technology that has developed over the past couple of decades. We are going to present you a car that you haven’t seen before. A vehicle that […]

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2027 Renault F1 Concept Car

Looking at the automotive racing, it is clear that it heavily influences the future development of production cars. With Formula 1 being the highest level of competition you can be sure that some of the new things are tested there first. Similar is with the 2027 Renault F1 Concept Car, an impressive look into the […]

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The Risk Of Formula One Racing

Formula one racing gained popularity in the middle 20th century. The reason why it attracts large crowds is that it combines thrills and glamour of driving supercars in exotic locations all over the world. Grand Prix racing has existed as long as cars have been around.