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F1 Has Entered Into A Partnership With Amazon Web Services

Formula 1 to Use Artificial Intelligence TV Graphics in 2019

The upcoming season of Formula One will be really exciting. The 2019 season will use artificial intelligence in order to clarify racing to fans throughout broadcasts. In fact, synthetic intelligence will offer data which are not accessible to the teams themselves.

In a partnership with Amazon Web Services, Formula 1 will present new graphics in the next season with the use of Sagemaker device. The 2018 season also featured several new graphics. However, the graphics for the upcoming season will be far better and much more enhanced.

According to Ross Brawn, the motorsport director of Formula 1, the aim with using artificial intelligence is to provide fans with a number of data which is only accessible to teams on the pit-wall. Moreover, the TV graphics will give viewers a unique and singular perception of each race.

In fact, Brawn stated “For the 2018 F1 season we began the method. We’re digging deeper to present you the place the efficiency is coming from — when is a automobile sooner, why is it sooner?

Moreover, he added “For subsequent season we’re increasing F1 Insights for our viewers. By additional integrating the telemetry data, such because the automobile place, the tyre situation, even the climate, we will use Sagemaker to predict automobile efficiency, pit-stops and race technique. There can be some thrilling new AI integrations into subsequent yr’s F1 TV broadcast.”

The motorsport director of Formula 1 also confirmed that there will be three totally different examples on a display screen. Each of the examples will target a key side of any Grand Prix, including wheel-to-wheel racing, automobile efficiency and pit-stop technique.

The television graphics which will power by artificial intelligence will show data such as the ‘overtake probability’ during races in 2019. This October, there was a clip which used the overtaking graphic. The clip featured Sebastian Vettel passing Lewis Hamilton on the Mexican Grand Prix. During the clip, the overtaking graphic confirmed that it was possible that Vettel could Hamilton on the fitting which he did and that he could finish the overtake climb from 44 % up in the direction of 100 as he closed in on the Mercedes.

However, Brawn stated that this can be a fascinating component for the fans and an uncharted territory for Formula 1 and its broadcasts. Using artificial intelligence, it will be possible to predict what will occur while not even the teams have such data. The graphics will make comparisons, display the efficiency of automobiles and show figures for tyre life and gas degree.

Likewise, the data will show the fans what’s happening in each situation, why did they stop, can they manage the situation, did the driver make the right call, and much more.