7 Military Vehicles That Found New Purpose in Civilian Life

There is something inherently cool about military vehicles and we are not talking just about tanks and other ones designed to kill people. There are plenty of vehicles in service which can be easily adapted for civilian life. For the most part, they end up with police and fire departments all over the country, but […]

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12 The Craziest Outlooks Of Formula 1 Cars

If we talk about Formula 1 cars, everything is spectacular and amazing about them. From crazy speeds reached during the races, and perfectly designed bodies, over the smell of gasoline and adrenaline that every race bring, virtually everything is glamorous and attractive about the fastest show in the world. So, here are 12 the craziest […]

Formula 1 Funny

Espresso Veloce Royale – A Formula 1 V12 Espresso Maker

Do you love Formula 1? Have you ever thought about what a luxury espresso maker perfect for Formula 1 fans could potentially look like? One of the ideas is the Espresso Veloce Royale. Surely, it was designed with people with yachts, and private choppers in their yards. Those less fortunate or lucky will still have […]