Safety Accessories To Consider When Having A Car

It feels very satisfying for people when they finally decide to buy a car. It leaves you excited since you are getting a very valuable machine in your life. There is no doubt everyone experiences such beautiful feelings when buying their first car, adding into their fleet or even replacing an older car. Since your […]


Used Car Warranties 101

Australian consumer law guarantees that most things sold come with some form of warranty. This is no different with used cars — while they don’t have the same guarantees as the warranty on a new car, used cars still come with their own set of warranty guarantees.


How Formula 1 Drivers Need Insurance Just Like Regular Ones

A car insurance is a mandatory requirement for car drivers, and those who drive Formula 1 cars are not exempted from this. Even though they are part of a prestigious racing organization and are sponsored by major car manufacturers and corporations, it isn’t a guarantee for them that they will always be covered when they […]


What is an Automotive Repair Manual And Its Benefit?

An automotive repair manual is a physical book that provides automotive repair instructions. It outlines how to perform all the maintenance, troubleshooting, service and repair for a particular vehicle. All makes and models have their own automotive repair manual and many of them are now available online.