What Should You Look for in Hoverboards?

Hoverboards are compact portable devices that are easy to use and fun to ride, provided you have attained the basic knowledge on how to balance well and hold yourself upright while gliding on one.

Before purchasing any electrical equipment, you need to research well. Keep yourself updated on various aspects that you need to look out for, to suit your needs.

Depending on your basic skills and what you need the unit for, there are many things you need to consider before getting your new balancing board. To make the whole experience easier for you, we created this guide on what you need to know before purchasing your next unit.

If you are buying your first balancing board, then you may need to start with something that’s not too expensive and something that will not make a hole in your pocket. However, if you have previous experience with these units, you may want to look into something with more than just basic features and something that will make the whole experience even better.

The Top Things to Look For when it Comes to Buying a Hoverboard

Here are some of the must-haves that one should watch out before making a purchase:

  • Budget

Though hoverboards are not overly priced, it is still necessary to realize that quality does come with a price, indicates hoverboardforu.com. You may not want yourself ending up with a cheap hoverboard with a sub-standard quality that may prove hazardous to you and others around you. Remember, the more complex and high features you want from a hoverboard, the more its price will go up. If you plan to purchase a hoverboard in the future, keep in mind that you may have to shed some extra pennies to enjoy a seamless service.

  • Properly Certified

All electrical equipment must go through a tactical testing process in order to prove its quality and safety. Please know about the proper certifications that your country provides/ supports and ask the shopkeeper or the seller you are purchasing the hoverboard from, to know if they were properly tested before, to ensure its safety and security.

In 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced all manufactured hoverboards to be UL 2272 compliant. And since the batteries of these products are made with lithium-ion, a UL certification ensures that the battery is properly tested and certified to reduce malfunctions and hazardous fires. The certification is available on the packaging of the product.

  • A good battery life


Once your hoverboard is fully charged at normal expectancy as a user, you must possess, that it should work for a good 2 to 3 hours before dying and this is not wrong if you think so. Good battery life is a necessary trait the electrical equipment must own as a component to its price tag.

To get a good quality battery life, make sure the product comes with a sufficient range. The range factor determines how long the product will able to work before its charge gets over. Having a range between 7 and 15 miles is enough to have fun and enjoyment.

  • Frequency of usage

Before yearning to buy one, please sit back and decide on how frequently would you be able/ like to use it. It is an electronic device after all and requires frequent usage for assurance of its proper maintenance. You are not just going to buy it one day and toss it away the next day or just purchase it to add it to your stash. The operation of a hoverboard requires good strength and agility of your leg muscles, so unless you are using it on a regular basis you would tire yourself soon.

  • Buy it from licensed sellers

It is necessary to buy every commodity of your house from a licensed seller. You should not buy a mongering fear of purchasing a fake product from an unknown seller, which could likely pose a threat to your life and others. Jot down the list of licensed sellers available in your area and do not think twice about buying it from anyone else.

  • Return policies

Keep an eye on the return policies of the seller you are purchasing your hoverboard from. Make sure the return policies enlisted are favorable to you and then go ahead and make the purchase, instead of whining later!

If you are not sure what the warranty offers, then you should talk to the seller. They may have different documentation and policies for different balancing boards. As the price goes up, the documentation should be better as well. And check to see if you can return it if it is damaged, or if you have a limited time for returns if you just don’t like it. You may want to look into the durability of the unit itself and how long should the motor run without any issues.

  • Know your laws

The use of hoverboards is restricted in many countries. Some countries have limited their use to certain areas or have induced certain legalities behind its use. It is thereby necessary to know the laws of your area and then decide if you would like to purchase it.

In addition to the above, always question yourself – if you really need to buy the product instead of just trying to follow a trend which may die soon. If you have already purchased one, please make sure that you use the charger to charge the battery instead of just plugging it with some charger that fits well – a common household menace.

  • Services available after buying


Buying a hoverboard that has easy access to its after-service center is important. If it’s an online purchase, make sure they offer services. However, getting a hoverboard from a physical store is more advantageous as their service is instantly available.

Knowing what you need can help you make the right buy. You don’t just want any hoverboard, after all. You need something that you could take it with you – where you want to go.

There are so many things you need to look at before making the purchase. Some units have a weight limit and some are bigger than others. So, if you need to transport it or carry it around from one place to another, make sure you find something that’s not too heavy. Check the adapter options so you can charge the batteries on the go if needed.

At the moment, there are a lot of balancing board manufacturers, so you will find the one you like with ease. If you find a great deal online, make sure you go to a store and check the unit before making the online purchase. And, always be safe and learn how to balance on it before you start riding it out. Hoverboards are a great means of transport if you know how to ride them. Have fun and stay safe!