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This Is the Technogym, a F1 Training Machine

This is a device that combines G-force and vibrations meant for Formula 1 drivers to work out and get ready for their races. The training machine is developed by an Italian exercise company Technogym, and allows athletes to train in the most realistic racing conditions possible, by reproducing the high-impact stress imposed on the arms […]

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How Formula 1 Drivers Avoid Back Pain and Neck Injuries

Formula 1 drivers are skilled drivers that train consistently for the dangerous and blood-chilling races. They are conditioned by this training not only to drive fast and to take the dangerous maneuvers, but also to withstand the confined space they occupy in their race cars and the knocks they get from other racers.

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Charles Leclerc Method Of Eliminating Expectations

Ferrari is by itself a very pompous name and to drive for this team is a great privilege especially if we take into account the history that it has. However, Leclerc says that he does not want this burden on his shoulders and that he simply avoids thinking about this.