Formula 1 Race

10 Victories In Formula 1 Nobody Expected

Formula 1 racing provides a lot of adrenaline and is a spectacle for all fans of automotive. Being in such a race is an extraordinary experience that cannot be described in words, but must be felt. In these races, favorites usually win the trophy, but the spectacle becomes even bigger if a surprise hits and an “outsider” wins the race.

But, have you ever wondered who the racers are who managed to surprise their colleagues, won the race and bring joy to their team. If so, then you are in the right place because we have prepared for you top 10 unexpected victories in Formula 1 races. So, let’s start.

10. Jenson Button

The 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix was a race marked by the victory of Jenson Button who drove for the Honda racing team. He started the race from the 14th place, so it was very difficult for him to achieve a favorable result.

However, it was raining heavily, which made the race completely open. In the end, Jenson managed to win the first time in his seventh season and Formula 1.

9. Jody Scheckter

Jody Scheckter is former Formula 1 driver who drove for the Wolf racing team. He won the Argentina Grand Prix in 1977 and won the first race in the new season. The race was marked by the abandonment of James Hunt and Carlos Pace, which enabled Scheckter to win.

8. Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado is the former Venezuelan Formula One Formula One driver.

During the Spanish Grand Prix on the race track in Barcelona, he constantly followed Fernando Alonso, who led most of the race, but in the end, the Williams driver managed to overtake him and win a race in front of Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. Unfortunately, Maldonado never won in any race anymore.

7. Giancarlo Baghetti

Giancarlo Baghetti is the former Ferrari, Lotus and Brabham driver. His only career victory was on the circuit in Reims, France, in 1961.

Also, this race was his debut, so nobody expected him to win. Nevertheless, Baghetti managed to win his first and only victory in Formula 1 with excellent driving.

6. Sebastian Vettel

In his first season in Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel drove for the Toro Rosso racing team. Surely, for him, the 2008 season was remembered for winning the Italian Grand Prix, because he dominantly won the pole position in the qualifications, and later only confirmed his racing skills by winning the race. Also, he became youngest winner of a Formula 1 race ever.

5. Vittorio Brambilla

Vittorio Brambilla is former Italian Formula 1 driver. He won the Austrian Grand Prix in 1975 and then, he drove for the March racing team.

The race was marked by heavy rainfall that made many drivers trouble. Even Brambilla himself crashed at one moment, but he managed to achieve his only career victory in Formula 1.

4. Johnny Herbert

European Grand Prix in 1999 was held on the legendary Nürburgring track in Germany. The race was marked by rain and a lot of accidents that drivers had.

The rain forced drivers to change tires and apply other tactics. However, Johnny Herbert was a driver who managed to deal with unpleasant circuit conditions and to win the Grand Prix.

3. Peter Gethin

The 1971 Italian Grand Prix was a race won by Peter Gethin. This Grand Prix remained remember as the race with the closest finish in which Peter Gethin defeated Ronnie Peterson in just 0.01 seconds. It is also interesting that the first five drivers finished the race with a time span of 0.61 seconds.

2. Giancarlo Fisichella

The 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix was held at Interlagos and was remembered as the 700th race in Formula 1 history.

The race was marked by several accidents that were experienced by drivers as well as by the fact that Kimi Raikkonen won the original race, but after a week, the win was awarded to Giancarlo Fisichella, the Jordan racing team driver.

1. Oliver Panis

The 1996 Monaco Grand Prix was the only race won by Olivier Panis. Otherwise, it was driven by wet weather, and only three drivers out of 22, finished the race.

This is perhaps the strangest race ever in Formula 1, and another incredible information is that Panis, who won the race, started as 14th. Also, Panis is the last Frenchman to win any Grand Prix.