Formula 1

2019 F1 Entrances Have Been Revealed

F1 is one of the best known racing sports in the world, even one of the most popular in the world as a whole. However, not many people know that there are several F1 teams and that each of them has to pay a fee so that it would be allowed to participate.

How Is It Paid?

The fee is usually calculated on the basis the performance that the team had in the previous season. The rules and fees are a bit confusing so we are confused since the fee for Mercedes is bigger. Why? The fee is also connected to the US consumer price index which also increases the fee. We should also add that Racing Pint is lower than it was.


I needs to be pointed out that the fee that each team has to pay, the base one, is $546,133. The team that will have to pay the biggest fee is the Silver Arrows. Their fee per point is $66,553 and the accumulated fee for 2019 is $4,838,348. The rest of the teams have to pay $5,450 for each point.

We will now make a comparison between 2019 (left column) and 2018 (right column) fees, that are given in millions of USD:

Mercedes: 4.84 / 4.65
Ferrari: 3.66 / 3.21
Red Bull: 2.83 / 2.42
Renault: 1.21 / 0.81
Haas: 1.05 / 0.76
McLaren: 0, 88 / 0.67
Racing Point: 0.83 / 1.48
Sauber: 0.81 / 0.54
Toro Rosso: 0.73 / 0.79
Williams: 0.58 / 0.94