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The Worst F1 Teams in the History of the Sport

7. Kauhsen

Before the Concorde Agreement was set to bring very rigid rules regarding the participation in F1, almost anyone could try to join it, in anything that ran on an engine and had a spinning four wheels. The ‘70s were even crazier, because Ford’s Cosworth engines were very competitive, reliable and most importantly, cheap. The sky was the limit if you had a good driver and a decent chassis to put him in.


An F2 experienced German Willi Kaasen started to produce Kaasen WK in 1979, designed by Klaus Kapitsa. With an Italian Gianfranco Bran Catelli who later became legend for his car touring, Kauhsen showed up in Jarawa, Spain, but did not manage to qualify. The same thing happened to him in Belgium, after huge efforts to make his car better and more competitive. The short-lived life of the team lasted for only two races. The car had a new life however, as it was sold to Arturo Merzario, who later created his own team. It was not any more successful unfortunately.