Are You A Racing Enthusiast? Here’s How To Prepare Your Car For The Track

Car racing is one of the most popular sports worldwide among adrenaline enthusiasts. The intense feelings of being on track and speeding up to hit the finish line first can give you butterflies like the first time you fell in love. It is a feeling that you simply can’t explain to people who don’t know the adrenaline-pumping experience.  

If you are tired of only watching car races from home and want to experience the intense sensation on your own, before you start your own track day career, you need to prepare your vehicle properly. Here is how to prepare your car before you get on the race track:  


Get your car checked 

When preparing your car for the race track, the first thing you need to do is to get your car fully checked. A mechanical failure or a part come loose when leading can be the most dramatic experience when you are on track. Not only that it can put your life or your winning chances in danger, but it can also put the other participants in danger. Mechanical failures are the leading cause of car racing accidents, which led to the death of numerous professional race drivers. 


Tires – Checking the tires of your vehicle is essential for a good day on track, especially if you use your tires on the road too. You need to inspect them and make sure they are suitable for the heat, speed, and friction they will experience when you are speeding up on the track. A blown tire, while you are racing, can cause a real hazard that will put your life and the life of the other participants in danger. It can make you lose control of your car, especially because you are driving at high speed, and cause an accident on the track.


Brakes – Another crucial part of your race car you must check is the brake pads to make sure it has enough thickness to it. The legal thickness is one millimeter for road cars. However, when you are on the race track, it is recommended not to be close to the minimum because you will most likely have to break really hard throughout the race. During the race, you need to be able to stop the car as quickly as possible to avoid a potential crash. Thus, you should check for any serious pedal vibration, strange noises, or squeaking. 

Engine – If the check engine light comes on while you are speeding up on the track, you might be in real danger. The light shows that there is a problem with your emission system, which needs to be fixed. In order to ensure you won’t experience this on the track, check the bottom of your engine, the bottom of the transmission, and under your radiator. Make sure everything looks normal and that the car isn’t performing strangely in any manner.  


Suspensions – Any oil leak going through your shocks is a red sign that your suspensions need to be replaced. A bouncy shock while you are taking a hard corner can result in a severe car accident. Your race car needs to have a solid suspension system to protect you on the track as you make frequent and dangerous turns.  

Take a look at the glass 

One extremely important aspect that most drivers neglect to check is the glass. A racecar windshield is a lot different than as it is for regular cars. When you are on track, you drive extremely fast, which can lead to the cracking of the glass from impact in case of a crush. The specialists from mrmautoglass.ca recommend the race-car windshields to be made out of Lexan for improved protection and safety.


Also, if there are cracks or large and cratered areas, you can seriously put yourself at risk during a car race. Before taking your car on the track, make sure you check the glass and replace it if needed because even small cracks can get worse and put you in danger during the race. 

Remove anything from the car 

Once you have checked the most important parts of your car, it is time to eliminate any distraction or items that may lead to hazardous situations. Every item you have in your car, including coins, luggage, or rubbish can become really dangerous when you take a hard corner or in case of a crash. Everything left in the car is very likely to fly and hurt you when you hit the brakes really hard. 

Clean your car


Cleaning your car before you take it on the track isn’t only a matter of aesthetics. It is true that a clean car will look better in the pictures and videos from the race. However, the cleanliness of your car is also a priority for your safety. If the glass or the body of the car is filled with dirt, you may not be able to inspect every centimeter of the car. Also, if there is dirt of your windshield, it can prevent you from seeing the road properly.  

Bonus: don’t forget about your racing gear 

In-car racing, driver safety needs to be a top priority. When you are an adrenaline-pumping driving fan, you often tend to forget that your safety is the most important aspect when you are on track. Before you start the engine and get the car on the track, make sure you are fully equipped with the safety gear, including helmet, suit, gloves, and harnesses. Also, don’t forget to wear your seat belt for improved safety.