What Are The Best Electric Scooters 2019

In the modern urban landscape, crowded with crowds of pedestrians and no less dense traffic, the ability to get to work by car or even by public transport is becoming more difficult and uncomfortable. 

And more and more people are now starting to think about new ways, where such a mode of transport as an electric scooter enters the scene. These compact and fairly portable motorized scooters are not only effective but can also bring a lot of pleasure from use. The best of the current models can travel from 100 km or more without recharging and are still light enough so that the user can carry them over short distances without feeling tired.

The current market, albeit not excessively, but is replete with several different brands of electric scooters of varying degrees of popularity. However, not all of them are built on the same principle. For example, while some models are more durable because they are heavier, others weigh significantly less and they are much easier to carry, although they do not have the best suspension system. 

Also, modern models certainly offer other functional features like efficient and durable batteries, LED headlights, folding steering wheels and much more. And today we want to draw your attention to our small list of the best models of electric scooters among the current ones. This information is collected from a top review site You can visit here and find more electric scooters.

5 Best Electric Scooters:

So, in short, you and I got an idea of ​​what electric scooters are and what are their main advantages. And after that, we would like to introduce you to some of the best models relevant for the domestic market, which will be useful if you manage to feel the need to purchase such a convenient transport.

NIU N1s:

A very high-quality model of the Chinese manufacturer, which has conquered the market of Germany, Austria, and other European countries. This scooter travels on 1 charge up to 80 km, accelerating to 45 km / h – a convenient model for drivers of different ages.

The rated power of the vehicle is 1500 watts, but the load limit that the engine can withstand is at 2400 watts. The lithium-ion battery, in conjunction with the car’s integrated battery storage system, consumes energy efficiently.

Citycoco x7:

Considering not the biggest competition on the open spaces of the Russian market in the category of electric scooters, it is not surprising that the Citycoco x7 took the first position in our small rating. From the name, it may become clear to many that this scooter is a rethought and improved version of one of the previous models in the company’s lineup. 

It is worth noting that the City Coco electric scooter has an attractive and practical design that reveals all the positive features of these vehicles, and the model in question was no exception. Stable, it will allow you to travel as comfortably as possible, feeling as if driving a motorcycle.

The weight of the scooter is only 65 kg, which will allow (if necessary) to roll it without much effort. As for the maximum withstand the load, here it reaches 150 kg, even allowing to carry a small load or withstand up to two riders, not exceeding this mark in total. Developing speed of up to 50 km / h, this model is capable of driving up to 100 km on a single charge.

BMW C Evolution:

The title “the best electric scooter”, many experts unanimously give the BMW model, upgraded this year with a new battery pack. Thanks to this technology innovation, the power reserve, speed, and power were significantly increased: it was pleasant to ride with the wind up to 129 km / h, breaking 100 or 160 km (in two versions of the power reserve without recharging).

Xcape X Cross:

Well, the last place did not go to the most powerful Xcape X Cross scooter, which is still able to offer something else, namely portability. Yes, yes, something that was not enough for all previous representatives of this rating. In this, this model is really good.

The design itself, although it looks unusual, remains comfortable to ride. In total, with a couple of easy movements, you can fold it for easy carrying or roll it like a suitcase if you do not want to carry 17 kg. Yes, that is the weight of this small electric scooter, which can withstand a rider weighing up to 150 kg! According to the manufacturer, this was made possible thanks to aviation aluminum, from which this model is made.

And even despite its ultra-compact dimensions, this scooter is hardly inferior to the previous applicant in travel. That is, yes, its maximum speed reaches only 20 km / h, which is half as much, but it can cover distances of up to 30 km on a single charge, which is only slightly behind.

Itank Doohan LUX Version:

This electric tricycle captivates at first glance with its futuristic design: a pair of wheels is located in front and not behind, as expected. The scooter reaches a speed of 45 km / h and overcomes up to 120 km on a single charge without recharging. Design decisions are inspiring: it seems that the rear wing hangs in the air, and the saddle hangs over the rear wheel in the best style of films about the distant future.