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Foam Cannon Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Purchase

With people increasingly deciding to do things themselves, thanks to the number of products and information available on the Internet, people have chosen to take professional level car washes to the comfort of their driveways by employing the use of a foam cannon.

A foam cannon is an attachment for a pressure washer that enables the user to spray large amounts of a thick, soapy mixture onto their car for cleaning purposes. The resulting mixture is typically very heavy and foamy, thus, giving the product the name of foam cannon. They are gaining traction because instead of having to apply a tough cleaning solution bit by bit manually, you’re able to quickly coat your entire car in your solution of choice, and let it get to work. The foam produced won’t run off the car, allowing you to decide when you want to wipe it off and have your clean car staring back at you when rinse time comes.

If you aren’t familiar with foam cannons, but want to get the most out of yours, here are a few tips:

Choose the right soap

Not all car finishes are the same, and not all pressure washers and foam cannons work the same, either. To make sure you don’t use a soap formulation that will scratch your car, or even worse, take the paint off, make sure you’re buying the right soap to be used with your particular brand of foam cannon. The right soap is the difference between ripping off your paint job and protecting your car from the elements for weeks to come.

Select the right foam cannon

While most foam cannons are designed to be as one-size-fits-all as possible, there are some minor differences, depending on which model you buy. Resources like The Vehicle Lab can help you differentiate between all of these products to find one that’s right for you. Any good foam cannon should have an adjustable pressure setting that will allow the device to work correctly. You can be sure the product is working effectively if you see a thick, frothy coat of foam coming out that sticks to all surfaces, including vertical surfaces.

Employ proper wash techniques

Detailing with foam cannon requires a particular technique to make sure you remove the dirt and grime from your car, instead of merely spreading it around. Once you’re ready to rinse off your car, start from the top of the car and work your way down. If you go from the bottom up, you risk spraying grit from the bottom of the vehicle onto the paint above, which can result in scratching. Just make sure to work from the top down when rinsing and you’ll be alright.


Foam cannons have enabled the standard consumer to get a body shop level of detailing without all of the hassles and added cost. Make sure to take note of how much pressure your washer can deliver when purchasing your foam cannon, since some have a minimum PSI level required for optimal performance. Shop around and make sure to get the one that fits both your car’s needs and your pressure washer specifications.