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5 Car Grooming Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

From brakes to engine to paint. A true car lover takes care of his favorite toy. There should be no excuse not to worry about it and give it proper care.

Car with personality

It is very popular to design your vehicle so that it becomes individual, and not just another boring vehicle that looks too simple, along with millions of other cars on the streets.

Car design makes every car look special – If you consider yourself a unique person and want to transfer this feature to your car, you can remake your own car. Your vehicle does not have to be tuned for performance, but only for appearance.

There are various areas to which the car can now be redesigned. If you want to say goodbye to the original color of the car, not only will the vehicle get a new look, but the vehicle will also have increased value in the tuning industry.
Read below to find out all the grooming tips and trick:

1. Evil eye: styling for the car front

In addition to the color, the shape of the vehicle can also be changed. Even the hoods can take on a different shape.”evil eye” for headlights is one of the most popular measures of visual adjustment because it allows the front of the car to be designed individually.

After VW and later some BMW models first introduced this trend, it is now very popular with many younger drivers and tuning fans.

Evil eye of the front car: how it works – Evil eye towards the front is easiest to achieve with headlight stickers. For that purpose, there are ready-made headlight covers that are relatively cheap and, of course, above all practical. Then they are simply glued to the headlights.

Of course, you can make such covers yourself and simply fasten them with double-sided adhesive tape. Then the headlights look like eyes that are slightly narrowed – this creates an allegedly “bad” look.

Evil around the luxury class – If you want your front to be a little more elegant, you can also opt for a hood extension. Here, cut parts which are attached to the front part, which protrude slightly and thus cover a part of the headlights, which also creates evil eyes.

2. Shorten the transmission path: Fast switching saves time

When we talk about changing car parts, we have great news for you. Speed ​​shifting is not just for professionals. With a little modification, you can save time. The desired adjustment effect can be achieved by replacing the selector lever.

He replaces the existing lever with a smaller one. The gear ratio changes due to the shortening of the folding path. This usually leads to significant acceleration when moving. The disadvantage, however, is the increased driving effort. However, after a while, you will get used to it and take advantage of all beneftis.

3. Design and print car labels

On a number of websites, you have the opportunity to make individual car stickers and order them online. You can usually choose between different motifs and adapt them to your personal taste, for example by choosing the motif and background color, specifying the font and color, as well as the text for the letter or uploading your own image.

Creating this variant of stickers especially saves time and cheaply. As a rule, you can design your own label from a design proposal in about ten minutes. Prices start at around ten dollars for a small sticker.

For particularly demanding users: advertising agency stickers – If you want to design very special, professional car stickers and price high quality prints, contact an advertising agency. You will independently develop the design and put it on film on very powerful offset printers of the highest quality.

As a rule, even more unusual requirements such as 3D printing or large formats for gluing on entire parts of the body, such as the cover, roof or door in one piece, are not a problem.

4. Painting cars

Painting is a great alternative to restoring its appearance, and although in some cases it involves painting the entire body, in others it is only about repairing the most common damage such as scratches.

We have an option for you that is useful if you want to personalize the vehicle with the desired color, without sacrificing the quality of a special color for the body. This option is useful when you want to repair scratches or imperfections on the car body.

According to A&M Detailing, two-layer paint is a paint formulated from synthetic resins and pigments of high strength and resistance. Its name is due to the fact that its use is done in two layers, that is, to first apply paint, to obtain a layer of paint, and then apply a transparent layer of varnish to obtain a finish and final hardness. The recommended varnish for two-layer varnish is two-component acrylic varnish, which is also called simply varnish.

The varnish is of great hardness and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, such as gasoline or detergents, except that it gives it the final look it likes: the intense shine typical of car bodies or if you want to achieve a different look can be found in matte or satin color.

5. Painting the wheels

If you paint the whole car, we don’t see why you wouldn’t update the look of your wheels. You will not need a professional for this, save money and do it yourself. We will explain to you how to do it.

You don’t have to paint them pink or green. But when they are worn out, rusty, and you just want to give it a different look, we think you can do something to make “your car shoes” look pretty good.

The advantage is that you can give it to your style and from your home, on weekends or at any time. What you should consider is a certain amount of time and material to make sure they work and look really good.

Cleaning – Something very important is to prepare the surface to be painted on the wheel, washing it as well as possible. So use a bucket, degreaser, microfiber cloth, soap, brush, sponge and water.

When you’re done, let the tire dry or you’ll help yourself with a clean cloth.
Apply tape and start spraying ‘primer’ – Cover the rubber (you can do this with a newspaper or plastic bag if desired) and put the adhesive tape on the surfaces around the wheels where you want to paint. Start spraying the primer for an even coat.

Replace tires – Let your work dry for about 24 hours. You can cover the wheels with wax for shine and additional protection.

  • Regular grooming of cars is one of the indispensable conditions for keeping four-wheelers in good condition. The number of miles traveled and the condition of the engine become a problem for every vehicle, all of which contributes to its poor condition when it comes to appearance. So it is important to refresh and tidy cars, as well as the body, in accordance with the existing needs. If you want to learn more, check out this website TSM Signs.