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2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC Is Finally Here

After years of suspense, Mercedes finally launched the much-anticipated 2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC. The first of the new EQ brand (short for electric intelligence), the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz stable is a compact crossover, with roughly the same dimensions as the GLC. It remains to be seen whether the first all electrical Mercedes (and the second electric vehicle made by the German company, the first being B-class electric) can compete with the likes of Tesla Model X and the new BMW iX3.

1. 2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC Ciprian

The most astounding feature of the EQC is the car’s exterior design. Instead of going the usual route and use one platform for multiple models (GLC comes to mind as a logical choice), Mercedes have designed a brand new body for EQC.

This provides the car with a unique look, which will be appreciated by the customers. The disappointing part is the car’s mileage, with Mercedes stating that it is “about 200 miles”, which is significantly lower than the competition.