Formula 1

F1 Debut Of Lando Norris

As he has already announced, Lando Norris will be working hard in order to have the best possible F1 start possible. He also stated that he is overwhelmed by the opportunity to compete in F1.

Lando will be competing for McLaren and we need to mention that he has a lot of experience in F2 since he won the 2nd place there. The fact that he is only 19 makes this success even bigger.

Lando is aware that he may be limited a lot in comparison to other F1 drivers, but he also added that he had been studying a lot in order to be as much prepared as possible for Australia, that would be his first race.

McLaren has struggled for a long time and was not a competitor for F1 title, and they hope that this would change soon. 2018 also saw the departure of Fernando Alonso and it has been noticed that the atmosphere is better now.

Lando Norris said that he notices that the things are on the right path and that the entire team is highly motivated. But, he is also aware that he must work and be better all the times.