Symptoms That The Suspension Of Your Car Is In Poor Condition

The suspension system of a car or jeep is the set of elements that intermediate between the wheels of the car and the chassis, absorbing the irregularities of the firm. It ensures that the wheels are always in contact with the ground.

A suspension system in poor condition – whether due to excessive wear or due to a specific fault – is very dangerous. A simple dodge at secondary road speed with shock absorbers in poor condition can cause a serious accident. These 3 symptoms will tell you if the suspension of your car is in poor condition.

1. The car bounces excessively

Push the body of your car down with your body. The suspension should not bounce when you let go of the car. It could be said that there are more “bouncy” cars than others. The hardness of the suspension and its settings vary from car to car, but in no case an excessive bounce is a good sign. If you live in a town with a lot of landmarks, you usually drive through areas with asphalt in poor condition – or it has been a long time since you changed them – your shock absorbers could suffer excessive wear. That wear is evident in an excessive bounce. Stand close to the wheel of your car and push the body down. If your jeep has these issue, it’s time to change your king suspension.

2. Your car is uneven

If your car is uneven – check it on level ground – there are serious problems with the suspension system. Regardless of the car’s suspension system – whether conventional, air or pneumatic – an uneven car is a clear symptom of problems. It may be tilted to one side, or more sunk in front or behind. There may be leaks in one of the dampers or spheres – in the case of cars with hydropneumatic suspension, such as some models manufactured by Citroën. The same applies if a car with air or pneumatic suspension does not “lift” once it has been started.

3. The car makes strangers in curves or strong supports

Respect the change intervals of shock absorbers recommended by the manufacturer. According to the use of the jeep, you will even have to overtake it. A clear symptom of suspension problems – usually an excessive wear of the shock absorbers – is that the car makes strangers. In strong braking the car flane , and demand corrections with the direction that should not exist. In a strong support, for example in a closed motorway exit, the jeep will be tilted more than necessary or will tend to go straight. The general feeling is that the car is “loose”, disconnected from the road. Needless to say, our security is more than compromised in this case. A good jeep wheels, tires and strong suspension system can ensure your trouble free journey.