Facts Formula 1

How Formula One Works

9. Formula 1 Race

There are strict rules before the start, which is the most important part of the race. Thirty minutes before the race, the cars are deployed. They are then adjusted and made ready for the race. Final safety checkups are done and everything is set in place by the mechanics.

Five minutes before the start, everyone leaves the track except the drivers. Then a formation lap starts to make the drivers ready. Here they test the cars at different speeds and check the braking and cornering. They are not allowed to overtake each other. When the formation lap ends, the cars again position themselves in their spots and wait for the lights to turn green.

A sequence of red lights appear, and when they turn off or become green, they begin racing. The first sprint and the first several corners are pretty dangerous and stressful as the drivers are tightly together. Even a small contact can mean the end of the race, or a serious crash. They then begin to separate and it becomes very hard to gain positions from then on. It usually appears on straights or corners, and battles for positions offer great excitement and showcase of driving skill.