Facts Formula 1

How Formula One Works

7. F1 Season

One season consists of a number of Grand Prix (races) spread around the world. There are two titles, the Formula One Drivers’ Championship and the Formula One Constructors’ Championship. The first is meant as the individual award for the best driver, while the second celebrates team effort and the performance of their cars. Each place in the race rewards a number of points. The driver and


team with the most at the end of the season wins. Before, the races were on public streets. Today, only the Monaco Grand Prix is held on a public road, all others are permanent circuits. Every track needs different approach and strategy, tires and tactics. One season has between 15 and 17 races, most of them in Europe. There is a lot of money involved for the drivers.


They have bonuses for the wins, as well for the title. Endorsements and merchandise are perhaps the best source of income for these sportsmen. The teams also revel in spoils and fame. Winner of every race wins a trophy, and the world champion get a special one at the end of the season. There is also the famous champagne shower after every Grand Prix.