How Formula 1 Drivers Need Insurance Just Like Regular Ones

A car insurance is a mandatory requirement for car drivers, and those who drive Formula 1 cars are not exempted from this. Even though they are part of a prestigious racing organization and are sponsored by major car manufacturers and corporations, it isn’t a guarantee for them that they will always be covered when they crash, get a breakdown or when their cars get totaled. Thus, they still need insurance just like regular drivers, and for several reasons.

Have sophisticated cars

The cars driven by F1 drivers are specially designed for speed and precision. Their frameworks, engines and car body are made for top speeds when it comes to races. Going through speeds that are considered illegal and dangerous on city streets, they have been specially trained for driving these vehicles of speed. Because the design and manufacture of the F1 car are much more expensive than regulars, even the luxury ones, the insurance premium of such cars could also demand a high price to cover the potential costs that will be incurred when race accidents happen. The costs of the specific parts of an F1 car are also very expensive, that is why it takes more than just a regular insurance coverage to cover for car part replacements, maintenance and repairs.

Prone to accidents

It is actually basic science that the higher your speed is when you’re driving, the lower your reaction time becomes. Crashes are a result of drivers not being able to make the necessary defensive or evasive maneuvers – such as decelerating, braking, overtaking or steering to safety – within the safe time window. F1 car drivers have been trained to heighten their reaction times above that of the regular ones because of the breakneck speeds of their races. However, no amount of training or preparation can help them when accidents and car crashes happen due to uncontrolled circumstances, such as the weather condition, mechanism failure or tire blowouts. For this reason, they will need a reliable insurance provider for their personal car insurance coverage, even though F1 racers already have group insurance coverage. You can check out MyChoice.com for car insurance options that range from basic mandatory coverage, options for extra security and coverage, suitable for race car drivers.

Need personal insurance

Because of the high injury risk involved in F1 racing, F1 car drivers need to be prepared for such situations. Being in tip-top shape is a must for race cars and for the ones who drive them. Accidents and crashes can threaten their career due to the possibility of mobility-reducing injuries, permanent disability and even death. A personal or health insurance will serve as a backup or fallback for regular and race car drivers in case they will be out of action for a while due to long hospital stay or rehabilitation treatments.

When it boils down to it, it is the one behind the wheel that actually determines his/her personal safety, the safety of everyone and the outcome of the race. The thrill and rush of high speeds during a race can always entail the possibility of an accident. Prevention is the most effective measure to avoid accidents, but it pays to have a contingency plan when accidents still happen. Having a reliable insurance policy and coverage is a good contingency measure if things could go wrong.