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Robocars – The Future Of Racing Has Arrived!

You have for sure heard of the saying: “The future is now”. Well, as it turns out, this statement is true, especially when you take a look at the technology that has developed over the past couple of decades. We are going to present you a car that you haven’t seen before. A vehicle that might be the future of the F1 racing, and racing in general.

Today, we are going to talk about the Roborace. You can see that it’s connected with the robots. That is because the cars are named Robocars and humans are actually not driving them. The artificial intelligence piloting is in place and there is no cockpit for the drives. When it comes to the mechanics, they are all going to be the same, but the teams can actually create their own algorithms and AI in order to control this vehicle.

The CEO of Roborace and Charge Denis Sverdlov has revealed this car in Barcelona, alongside the creator, Daniel Simon.

They stated that the goal here was to create “an emotional connection to the driverless cars and bring humans and robots closer together to define our future”. That was the exact quote from mister Denis Sverdlov.

Only the state of the art technology has been used to create this car. A little bit under a year was more than enough for the developers to finish this masterpiece.
This kind of a futuristic look is somewhat expected since Daniel Simon is always working on all kinds of vehicles for sci-fi Hollywood movies. When something is named “Robocar”, it just has to have that cool futuristic look. There is no doubt that Simon’s creation achieved that.


The car can actually go pretty fast, with the maximum speed being around 199 miles per hour, which is equal to 320 kilometers per hour. Be careful F1, the Roborace might surpass you one day!