Is It Illegal Not to Have a Front Number Plate?

When it comes to driving on the UK roads, there are lots of rules, regulations, and laws that you need to keep in mind to prevent being issued a fine or worse, arrested.

Many of them concern many technical aspects and in-depth details of how you drive, as well as the well-being and the condition of the automobile that you opt to drive, however, you are also going to need to think about how your car can be identified, should there be an issue.

And these rules must be laid out and enforced in an efficient manner because the roads are always packed with vehicles, and it is not uncommon to see someone breaking the law at every corner of the city. And hence, there must be a systematic way to identify each lawbreaker and their vehicles with relative ease.

This is where the concept of number plates comes in, and they are an integral part of your car, unique to help in the identification of your car. In fact, you might not realize the gravity of its importance, but number plates, their location, and what they contain are all key parts of the law that you need to keep in mind, without any seed of failure.

That being said, it is essential for you as a responsible driver and an aware citizen to adorn your beloved vehicles with a unique number plate to help maintain law and order in the country. If you own a car without a number plate, then you should work toward getting it plated as soon as possible.

It is not even a hassle. You can sit at your own home to get the solution for this problem on websites such as On that particular website, one can use the site’s number plate search engine to look for a private registration mark. If you are a fan of the aesthetic display, you can even customize your number plate and select transfer and delivery options. The payment can undergo transactions through the safest methods possible – Paypal, finance, or card.

Where to display your number plate on a standard vehicle

It was in the year 1903 that the law that officially stated that it is mandatory to register your vehicle, which you would use on public roads, with a number plate containing a unique identification for the said vehicle. At the same time, it was also ruled around this year that the cars being driven on public roads must have the number of plates on both their front and their rear ends. These number plates should be made from reflective materials in order to make sure that they can be seen properly.

The front plates of a car will have a white background and feature black characters; the back number plate will have black characters too, but this will be on a yellow background instead. There should be no background pattern on either of the plates. This color contrast, though might appear unreasonable, has a scientific explanation to support its weight and increase invisibility for naked eyes as well as for cameras.

It is also mandatory that a standard vehicle will need to have the same number/registration plate on both the front end and the back end of the vehicle. If not, the person will be liable to be charged with status as high as a criminal offense. To know more visit MyReg.

Are there exceptions

Just like many other things in the world, there are some unique exceptions from this law. Based on those exceptions, both motorocycles and motor tricycles are only required to have their number plates on the back of their vehicle. But this does not mean that the civilians shall face any trouble should they elect to get their plates planted on the front of their cycles as well. It is, after all, their property which gives them the right to have their own opinions that they should be able to choose from:

Some other specific rules

There are also a few other things that one must keep in mind before setting out in the quest of trying to book a personalized number plate for themselves.
First of all, you’ll need either a credit card or a debit card to use the services of DVLA.

Second of all, personalized registration numbers are a privilege that is reserved only for a vehicle that is registered, or is about to be registered, taxed, and used in the United Kingdom.

Thirdly, there are some other minor rules that you need to enforce strictly. For example, you will not be allowed to put an ‘07’ registration number on a vehicle that was registered in the year 2003.

Anything else I need to know?

Not only does the DVLA create the number of plates that are found on cars, but they also set out the rules that apply to these number plates too. You can buy the personalized number plate of your own choice from DVLA online or at any auction. There are some particularly specific rules that number plates need to follow, especially when it comes to their formatting. You will need to ensure that they follow the correct layout, and they also need to be in a font that is on the approved fonts list set out by the DVLA.

Once you are in touch and know the basics of how to stay within the diameter of the law with your number plate, there is no reason why you would not be able to display them properly. And honestly, the laws regarding registration and number plates are not even that complicated. They were structured for the general population of the country and are pretty easy to understand if one attempts to learn. That being said, just think about how you can make sure that your number plate fits within the law, and then you will not have anything to worry about, as far as number and registration plates for vehicles go.