Transportation of Cars: How The Coolest F-1 Cars Are Transported

Did you know that a huge team works to provide Formula 1 pilots? But at the same time, the technical side of the staff’s work is no less. So, for the cars transporting in which pilots perform, a special transport complex is used.

It is well known that Formula 1 cars cost almost like helicopters or even small planes. And in principle, this sport requires a tremendous investment. But have you ever wondered how almost precious car transportation is performed from track to track?

Each team has a place in the paddock for a motorhome and three trailers. Usually, these are office trucks, in most cases referred to as RT (Race Truck). They are located directly in the paddock behind the boxes of each of the teams. In fact, this is the main working area of ​​the team.

For this purpose, “racing trucks” are used, in which offices of racing engineers and IT personnel is located, a working area for hydraulic and electronic engineers, storages for many spare parts and tools, boxes for transporting the cars themselves, as well as offices of marketing and communications employees.

These trailers house briefing rooms, IT staff offices, in some cases, press office, marketing staff, and private pilot rooms. Spare parts for fireballs are also stored here. Usually, a suspension structure is built between two trucks – this way, the teams get full second floors. Parking two of these racing trucks is no easy task. In order to be able to build a whole floor between them, you need filigree accuracy. And often it takes whole hours!

Truckers that are shipping a car across the country are not team members. Most often, these are drivers of large car transportation services. As stated by, those are mostly the drivers of large car transportation services, and they work according to a single standard, so if you order car shipping through the country, you can actually feel as on the place of the F-1 pilot.

By the way, car transportation services are in demand, not only among professional racers. In the USA, where the distances from north to south of the country and from east to west are truly gigantic, this service is in great demand. It is used when you need a car moving to another state, if necessary, urgent business trips, and simply – when selling to another region. Even if you are traveling, that’s convenient to use car shipping and travel easy.

And for F-1 pilots, it is necessary to keep the regime and to rest a lot to overcome considerable overloads during each race, so the way to ship their cars by pros is a thing of high necessity for them.