What To Consider Before Adding Mods To Your Street Car

If you are a car enthusiast and can’t wait to start adding modifications to your existing car model, there are a few things to consider before you dive in. Depending on your budget and the kind of performance you are looking to get out of your car you need to think about what kind of upgrades are really going to make a difference for the money and time that you put in.

If you want to have a car that is tricked out to the max you need to start with the best base model. Being realistic about your starting point can help you to make the best choices when it comes to your mods.

You may not be able to include the kinds of parts etched or engraved by laser marking machines (like the ones found on this page) that you might find on an Indy car, but there are still plenty of tweaks that can be made to improve your performance, look and handling. Before you get all greased up and ready to work, here are a few things that you should consider.

Choose The Right Car

Not just any car is going to give you the handling and performance that you are looking for no matter how much you modify it. There is a reason why companies use a stock model when building their cars so that they appeal to the largest audience. That being said, it’s unlikely that no matter how much money and time you put into your project, you are never going to turn a Ford Focus into a Ferrari.

It’s better to take a look at the full design and construction of your existing vehicle and start by making smaller adjustments and upgrades that won’t interfere with the basic design. If you take on too much you will be fighting an uphill battle and your upgrade budget will dwindle unnecessarily.

Consider Each Compromise

With each upgrade or modification, there is always a downside. These pros and cons need to be considered before you make any changes. For example, you might want to trick your ride out with a set of oversized tires. These are great and can look pretty badass while giving you a better grip on the road. But, they can also make the handling a bit rougher as they tend to pull at the front end.

If you tune up your suspension you will be able to excel in those flat corners but it may end up making your general steering a bit harder to handle. When you add more horsepower you can expect to get a bigger jump on your speed but, you will also find that your idle speed is much higher.

It’s wise to add the components that will complement your car without taking too much away from the way it handles and performs during regular driving. Focus on expanding the existing mechanics and not on adding bigger features that can end up working against you.

Go For An All-Over Tweak

More horsepower or better cornering is great, but if those are the only things that you add to your car you are missing out on some great opportunities. Your car is an extension of you, so making smaller, more comprehensive mods can give you a better overall look and feel.

Definitely give your brakes and pads an upgrade, improve your road grip for those tight corners, and boost your horsepower. The place where a lot of car owners come up short is on the design and interior mods that can really change the overall feel of the car. Adding racing pedals, a shortened stick shift, a custom steering wheel and an aftermarket exhaust can really make your car stand out.

Don’t forget to change out your tires when the season demands it. Car owners that live in areas with a full range of seasons often overlook changing out their tires and miss out on the best performance. Always change out your summer tires for winter set to get the best grip all year long.


Your car is a statement about how much you love to drive and appreciate the performance of a car. Before you make lofty plans to start modifying your car, think about the amount of work, cost and the realistic return that you will get. Stay focused on what kind of changes you can make to improve what you are starting with instead of trying to make your car into something that it was never meant to be.