5 Things You Should Consider if You Planning to Buy an E-Scooter

Even though electric scooters are not a panacea of transportation or favoured by many, they are solving a very particular problem in the transportation ecosystem- The Last Mile.

The last mile refers to that short journey from home or work to the nearest public transportation hub. For short trips for a few miles or less, an electric scooter can work wonders for you as you will commute easier and faster than you would with any other form of transportation. As for transportation-related emissions that come from-near instant delivery goods, delivery giants such as FedEx and Amazon are expected to start using electric delivery vans, as well as e-cargo bikes and scooters, which can decrease both emissions and traffic.

The last mile freight is indeed a significant contributor to local air pollution, often in disadvantaged communities. However, amidst all this urban gloom and doom, the last mile or that short journey from home to the closest transportation hub and delivery cannot be halted. Still, smart transportation options such as e-bikes, e-trucks or scooters can help us mitigate the issue of local air pollution.  In case you have decided to make the switch from diesel to electric power, and buy an e-scooter, here are few things you should consider:

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Consider the Size

There are plenty of things you should consider when buying an electric scooter. While they may all look neat and fancy, you have to be 100% certain that one you are aiming at fits and satisfies your needs. When looking for an electric scooter, its size is one essential element you should not overlook. Your new electric scooter has to be able to support your weight and, at the same time, you should also be careful not to buy one that is either too heavy or too bulky to handle comfortably. Its size matters more than you think. Just imagine how hard it will be to drag your scooter up and down the stairs if your apartment is not that close to the ground floor.

However, finding the right size should not be a hassle as most models come with minimum age and max weight limit provides full safety and build metrics to support every rider within that range. E-scooter manufacturers have done a great job in implementing a specific model suited for all variety of drivers such as teens and adults.

Range and Battery

Smart scooters provide different power and battery options which are responsible for the speed and maximum distance on a single charge. So, before buying one, make sure you always check the battery. As with electronic things, you should never buy an electric scooter until you’re entirely sure that the battery is good enough for your needs. Asides its duration, you should also take into consideration how fast the battery charges.

Like many battery-based electronics, the battery life will decrease with use, thus you will have to charge more often with time. As for the range of an electric scooter, is the total distance you can travel on a single full charge. Thus, when looking for its design and features, make sure you take into consideration the distance you usually cover from home to work and that the vehicle of choice meets your range requirements.

Additionally to an e-scooter range, this might also depend on factors such as the battery, weight of the rider and, of course, riding conditions. While there are plenty of models to choose from, some feature a non-removable battery, while others provide a chargeable battery that can be moved. Those with a removable battery have always been the best choice as many individuals are seeking to maximize their distance by choosing to upgrade their scooters.

Your route is important, consider the terrain of the route

Since you are dreaming about a scooter easy to move around with, you might have to consider your regular route before deciding which one to purchase. How far are you planning to go with your new scooter? If you are dealing with longer distances, then you should aim at a vehicle with extensive battery power.

Electric scooters usually come standard with eight or ten-inch pneumatic tires, making them suitable for on-road riding and provide the best control and stability for avid riders. Meanwhile, those equipped with larger tires can easily handle different sorts of terrain because they offer more surface area, remaining in constant contact with the riding surface itself.

Have you brought insurance yet?

There is no doubt that roads are not particularly safe. No matter the type of your wheel vehicle, scooter insurance becomes highly essential. According to Swann Insurance, a leading provider in motorcycle insurance from Australia, looking for an option to insure your scooter is important as you can obtain a flexible scooter cover, whether you’re a casual rider or food-delivery rider on the everyday road for work.

This two-wheeler insurance not only does it protect your life and those around you but also mitigate the financial impact of injuries or damages caused to the third parties.

Research the law requirement for you state

While some states and cities only implement limits on how fast you can ride your e-scooter, some countries, and states, do not permit it at all. Thus, before throwing yourself on the first offer, you should confirm if you are or not allowed to ride one in your city. For instance, while it is pretty fine to ride an e-scooter in California, you might be shocked to learn that they are not permitted in New York. That being said, check with the local traffic authorities whenever it is possible to make sure you are not making a mistake and buy one when actually you are not allowed to drive it in your town.

No matter the reason you have decided to buy an e-scooter, there are plenty of things to consider before getting one. Make sure you reflect on previously mentioned tips and search diligently before throwing yourself on the first trendy offer. An e-scooter should not only look amazing, but it also has to serve its purpose and perform to your needs.