Facts Formula 1

19 Facts Only Real F1 Fans Will Know

The F1 has been established in 1950 and in case you consider yourself a true F1 fan, you need to know a lot of history. There are plenty of people who love to watch F1 occasionally, but only a small number can brag about the extensive knowledge they have about the history of the sport, vehicles, drivers, teams, sponsors, races, etc. Here are 19 facts to test your knowledge about F1.

1. F1 cars accelerate from 0 to 100 mph and go back to 0 within 4 seconds

You have always known that F1 cars are fast, but how fast that is the real question. If you have a weak heart, don’t enter one.


2. Basic cost of an F1 car is over $7 million

According to F1-Grand Prix, the average cost of the stripped down F1 car is $7.2 million and that is without some basic components.


3. Brake discs can reach 1,000 degrees centigrade

The brake discs of F1 cars are made of indestructible carbon fiber and they can reach up to 1,000 degrees centigrade. Over the years, the engineers have made multiple improvements and the brakes are becoming more reliable each year.


4. Engine can’t be turned when it’s cold

The engine needs to be pre-heated before it is started. And for that, the technicians are using an external heater pump.