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Are Formula 1 Drivers The Most Underrated Athletes Of All Time?

From the uninitiated fans’ point of view, Formula One doesn’t look like a physically demanding sport. Yes, drivers have to have great reflexes, but it’s not something you need to spend countless hours in a gym to prepare for, like other sports. After all, the car does all the work, all a driver has to […]

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2021 F1 Concept Car : Leaked Photo

As we are waiting for the Singapore Grand Prix, a concept vision of how Formula 1 cars would look like has leaked on social media. Ross Brawn, the F1 managing director of motorsport showcased the new vehicle during a Tech Talk seminar in Singapore. Even though the seminar was not opened to the public, the […]

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Lewis Hamilton Advocates For Young Drivers’ Education

Adrian Newey, the design chief of Red Bull Formula 1 states that it’s the moment motorsport organisations to consider education a priority for young drivers. He insists that children have to go to school even if they are talented enough to commit to their career full time. He recommends Formula 1 to find a strategy […]

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F1 2018 Season: Best 10 Stories

As we left 2018 behind, it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the highlights which marked the year. There were plenty of stories throughout the 2018 season of Formula 1 which have attracted the attention of fans and enthusiasts. Hence, here are the top ten stories which made 2018 season memorable.