7 Reasons, why does my RV battery die so fast?

It is not common for an RV battery to die before its due date. The batteries are specially designed to serve you up to their last drop. The batteries play a significant role in ensuring you have exciting experience during RV trips. This explains why a continuously dying battery would be a nightmare for you.
You can spend a lot of money trying to replace the dead batteries, but the question is having you figured out the reasons why the battery keeps dying? Well, if not this is the right time for you to make that decision. Here will be able to get you through some the reasons why your RV battery dies fast.

1. Staying undercharged for too long

Undercharging your battery contributes to an increase in the formation of crystal sulfuric acid. This then results to the battery breaking down. Therefore, you should look out for this. If it’s one of the reasons ensure that the battery is charged continuously to make the crystals disappear. Another thing to do is to ensure that your battery charge does not drop below 50%.


2. Overcharging

You might be doing this for one reason or another. But the fact remains that an RV battery is 64% water. Overcharging makes the water to boil making the batteries components to fry. In the end, this makes the battery useless. Therefore, you should always maintain the level of charged especially for batteries that are not equipped with shut-offs. Regularly check the level of water also.


3. Self-discharge

It is very hard for you to notice when the battery is self-discharging. This mainly happens during the storage period. This highly contributes to an increased number of dead batteries. When the batteries charge level is below the recommended level, it leads to Sulfation hence the battery breaks down. It is recommended to keep charging and checking the battery even when not in use.


4. Faulty charging system

A charging system that is fault can make the battery drain faster. This mainly happens when the battery is put into use while charging. It is very hard for you to notice this. You should, therefore, keep checking the charging system especially when you start experiencing battery problems.

5. Lack of maintenance

One of the common mistakes done by RV owner is overlooking the RV battery. When you don’t put much attention on how the battery functions, it will be too late for you to fix any issue that might arise. Therefore, ensure that you come up with a schedule of maintaining the battery. It includes checking the level of water, drainage rate and charging or discharge level.

6. Parasitic loads

This includes the TV antenna on your RV, electronic circuits, and clocks among much other electronic equipment’s you may have in your RV. They can drain your battery dry even when the RV is not in use. This is very hard for you to notice until the battery dies. Ensure that you leave all this disconnected when not in use.


7. No knowing your RV battery

Most RV owners take the battery for granted until it fails. If you don’t have any idea about the battery it will be more difficult to determine whether the battery requires maintenance or proper storage. Always try to understand how your RV battery works to avoid any troubles that might arise.


Discussed above are 7 possible reason why your battery keeps dying fast. Ensure that you solve all this and you will have a better experience with your RV. Hope we have been helpful.