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2021 Porsche Mission E GTS

Porsche is occupied building the new four-door all-electric sports sedan called Mission E. A lot of the car’s technology will be taken from the current hybrid models such as the Panamera and the 918 Spyder, which is a good thing. Having known the company, we are hoping for the multiple versions of the Mission E, one of which is the GTS. Even though this is not officially confirmed, we will take a look at this rendering.

2021 Porsche Mission E GTS Exterior

The  2021 Porsche Mission E GTS will be a unique model of the lineup, but even so, the traditional Stuttgart design will not be omitted. This car will take after the 911, the 918 Spyder and the Panamera. It could come out with the rounded nose, a wide and low stance and the roofline that will fall towards the truncated rear end.


However, the GTS will have to stand out in some way, and that is why, it will get noticeable aesthetic cues. For starters, this car will be more aggressive than the other models in the lineup, with bigger wings, more prominent intakes, large swoops, etc.


Definitely, the Mission E GTS must come with large wheels painted in black, corresponding with black parts such as grilles, mesh inserts and some other pieces. This is common for Porsche, and it will not be disregarded with this model. The fenders are most likely going to be broad to welcome the massive wheels. Meanwhile, around the back, a bigger diffuser is expected, and it will also be painted in black. The adaptive wing could also be seen here.


We are not familiar with the interior of the upcoming Porsche Mission E, but this doesn’t stop us from predicting what the cabin of the Mission E GTS would look like. Take the Panamera GTS, for example. Its cabin might serve – similar layout will be used, with subtle differences, to make the Mission E GTS stand out.


The dashboard is going to be broad, and a lot of wide lines are going to give a sense of the wide cabin and a lot of room. The Mission E GTS should be able to seat five passengers, but three travelers in the rear might not be most comfortable. And while the general idea of the interior will be inspired by the Panamera, the steering wheel will definitely be taken from the 918 Spyder, at least in terms of design. Inside the car, Alcantara upholstery is going to dominate.


Porsche Mission E GTS is going to be an all-electric model, and it will be equipped with four individual electric motors, which means that all-wheel-drive will be the standard configurations. Several driving modes will be offered to the driver, from eco that saves energy to power that will let you unleash the beast.


At the moment, it is hard to guess horsepower, but the Porsche Mission E GTS will have a lot of it, and its acceleration will be top-notch. We wish for over 600 hp in the GTS, but it will definitely have more than the regular Mission E.


Pricing for Porsche Mission E GTS 2021

The starting price of the Porsche Mission E will be around $85,000 which means that the GTS would not be sold for under $100,000. In fact, it will be well over the six-digit mark. Porsche might offer a model to bridge the gap between the base trip and the GTS, and that model would cost $100,000, putting the GTS at around $120,000.


Should Porsche decides to produce such a model, it will go against Tesla Model S P100D. When can we expect this model to appear? It is hard to say, but realistically speaking, it might debut in 2021 with the sales starting a year after that.