Protecting That Custom Paint Job

One thing that keeps troubling car/truck owners once they get that new custom paint job is how to maintain that neat look. Many auto cosmetic enthusiasts have invested in costly custom paint design only to be left frustrated a few months down the road, due to various factors that dampen their cars’ appearances.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you – however – as spots, scratches, corrosion of the paint coating and other damaging factors to your car’s paintwork can prevented. Below, we have elaborated some of the things you should look out for if you’re looking to safeguard against damage to your cherished custom paint job.

Using the Appropriate Car Cleaning Agents and Methods

Washing is one of the surest and cheapest ways to protect your car, as it gets rid of the dirt and dust that settles on the custom paint coating. However, if washing is not done correctly, it could easily become one of the contributing factors in the damaging of your paint job.

For instance, you should take care to ensure that you do not use dishwashing or laundry soap, as these tend to destroy your finish. A soft jet wash, as opposed to an aggressive wash, is also recommended to protect against scratching.

Using a Car Cover

It is surprising how a large majority of car owners fail to realize the importance of car covers when it comes to protecting their paint work; as according to, over 70% of car covers are damaged while parked, yet only 14% of drivers use car covers. The best thing about car covers is their versatility of use, as you can use them to safeguard your car/truck against multiple harmful factors at the same time.

For instance, if you want to safeguard your paint job against fading due to overexposure to UV rays, there are car covers that offer Ultraviolet (UV) light protection. An indoor car cover- meanwhile- offers protection against domestic risks to your car’s custom paint job, such as chemical containers, pets and kids. Another way in which a car cover could protect your custom paint design, is by keeping tree sap from coming into contact with your paint coating when you park under a tree. This is crucial because sap tends to corrode the paint coating.

Seeking Maintenance and Patch Up Services

Seeking the professional services of custom paint job experts is a great way to ensure that your car’s appearance stays intact. If your car’s body paint coating has visible scratches that need to be worked on, head out to your local paint job repair shop. They will accord you the much-needed custom paint job repair and maintenance services. What’s more, some paint job experts provide you with free guidance information on how to keep up your car’s appearance.

The methods detailed above are not the only options available to you, as there are still a number of other ways in which you can protect the custom paint job on your car. For instance, you could try out waxing, whereby you apply a natural wax every three months to protect the paint job. Taking cautionary measures, such as- taking care not to park in direct sunlight- are another way of achieving the same. All in all, what matters most at the end of the day, is that the custom paint job on your car/truck retains the same look as the day it was done.

A DIY Ceramic Coating Option

What might be the best overall solution is to use one of the newest emerging technologies in paint protection, ceramic coatings. A ceramic coating is a super hard hydrophobic, glass-like shell that has been an exclusive for professional high-end detailers until just recently. Right now, you can get a DIY kit and attain a professional grade high-tech coating protection for the cost of a good quality wax or hybrid detailer. Here is one of the best ceramic coating solutions on the market right now, check at