Top 10 Long Haul Trucker Myths You Should Know About

You have probably heard a lot of stories about long haul trucking, which you cannot determine whether they are true or false. So, we decided to list some of the top long haul trucker myths which many people believe to be real. In fact, these myths are so powerful that have wind their way around the sharp turns and found their way into people’s hearts and beliefs.

The Top Long Haul Trucker Myths

1. Joy Ride

Joy Ride is a 2001 film, which led people to believe that there are many mysterious occurrences that happen on that long dark highway. Starred by Paul Walker, the film was about the creepiness which can happen the lonely traveler and how risky it can get when you decide to play a childish game with the wrong person.

2. The Beetle

Long haul truck drivers have to sometimes go fast in order to meet deadlines. Hence, they are often dealing with challenging conditions, including traffic and the weather. However, the riskiest thing they encounter are probably other drivers. So, this myth is a story which has been told over and over again. It is believed that two big rig trucks that are both traveling to meet a deadline end up colliding on the road. According to the myth, the collision is so powerful that when the trucks are pulled apart, a VW Beetle can be found in the mix.

3. Vanishing Hitchhiker

There are been a vast number of Hollywood films which focused on hitchhikers and long haul truck drivers. However, the concept of hitchhiking was a rather common one in the 1950s and 60s and used to be a very safe option. Nowadays, due to the myth that hitchhikers and drivers are considered mysterious and frightening, both hitchhikers and long haul truck drivers are afraid of this phenomenon.

4. The Epic JCVD Truck Split

Several years ago, in 2013 to be exact, a 75-second-long commercial was released. This commercial featured Jean-Claude Van Damme performing gymnastic splits between two moving trucks. This was part of an advertisement for Volvo. Even though it is believed that Jean-Claude Van Damme actually did this stunt, the whole thing is a myth and shouldn’t be tried at home!

5. High Beams

Whether this story is a myth or part of a horror film, it’s still unknown. The story goes that there is a woman who’s being followed by a big rig truck. As she drives, the truck driver flashes its high beams at her. So, she gets so frightened that she pulls over and runs into a gas station. The trucker does the same and it ends up that he was doing all that because he was trying to warn her because there was someone in the backseat of her car all along!

6. The Mystery Convoy

There are sights and videos of multiple big rig trucks driving in the same direction. In fact, there was even a convoy of 124 identical trucks was seen traveling in the same direction. However, it was for a Special Olympics fundraiser. The mysterious convoy has had a number of connotations, even leading to aliens and Area 51. Nevertheless, this is only a myth and the reason people believe it’s true, it’s probably because they’ve watched The X-Files.

7. The Black Dog

This is a mythological horror story, which, if you are easily scared, shouldn’t read it. This myth says that if a truck driver sees this supposed black dog, it means that the end is on its way somewhere down the line, it may be the trucker’s last ride. This dog appears usually when the trucker falls asleep. However, this is only a myth which became popular thanks to the Patrick Swayze film, Black Dog.

8. Long Haul Truckers Are Irresponsible Drivers

If you thought that this myth is a true story, you can’ be more wrong. Even though there are some incidents here and there, truck drivers undergo serious training. Moreover, they go under thorough checks and drive the big rig is an unbelievable perfection. So, this story is another myth and long haul truckers are some of the most responsible drivers on the road.

9. Secret Underground Tunnels

Waiting is one of the biggest headaches both for drivers and companies. The main reason is that while they wait, tons of money can be lost and as delays can cost a lot more. Hence, another myth which is rather connected to this phenomenon says that there is a maze of underground tunnels which are used by truck drivers.

10. Mysterious Highway

Last but not least is the myth of the mysterious highway, which is known for featuring some of the craziest sightings. Due to the crazy stories being told and the scariest calls coming from that route, the government decided to change the name of the highway and they renamed it Route 491.