How to Maintain the Fresh Smell of Your Car

There is much to celebrate when a new car is purchased. Everything about driving a brand new car for the first few weeks is exhilarating, from the gleaming finish to the unblemished cabin. Many things stand out when you step into a brand-new car, but nothing quite sticks in the mind like that fresh automotive scent. That new car smell is a constant reminder of your accomplishment of being a car owner, and it fills the car every time you get in. However, as the months go by, that new-car scent begins to diminish, and your vehicle eventually starts to smell and feel like eh.

Everybody wishes their new vehicle’s smell would last longer, regardless of whether they drive an F-150 or a Model S. Here are some tips for keeping the inside of your car in good shape so you can keep feeling like you’re driving a brand-new car for longer.

Squeaky Clean

This should go without saying, but as time goes on, we sometimes stop giving the inside of our cars the meticulous cleaning they formerly received. If you want your car to always have that fresh car scent, the first thing is to clean it and keep it looking fresh. Because a car is a closed space, any lingering smells spread quickly through the upholstery and plastics, making them hard to get rid of.

The first step is to clean the car’s carpets, and then all of the car’s soft furnishings need to be vacuumed well. This will not only remove the filth that is easily observable but also any odorous particles that may be lodged in the threads of the cloth.


Move slowly from passenger space to passenger space, vacuuming each area thoroughly afterward to avoid missing any dust or debris. Use the upholstery and crevice attachments to thoroughly clean the area under the driver’s seat and all upholstery seams. This is the perfect place to bury last year’s takeout french fry!

Clean the headliner thoroughly with the vacuum’s upholstery brush. The headliner can be a safe sanctuary for odorous particles, but it is generally neglected because it does not gather apparent dirt.

Do NOT Eat In Your Car

You’re right, this is hard. It’s common knowledge that the first thing we do when we receive a new automobile is to lock the doors and stop anybody from opening a can of Coke or, God forbid, a bag of chips. However, as time passes, you find yourself in a frantic rush to go to work, grabbing a coffee and a muffin on the run. Perhaps you’re too tired to cook and opt for takeout. Perhaps you’ll be driving for quite a while and need to make sure that you, in addition to your automobile, don’t run out of gas. Since you’ll inevitably be eating and drinking inside your car at some point, the best method to prevent lingering odors is to promptly dispose of any used containers, cans, or packets.


It’s common knowledge that cigarette smoke discolors lighter surfaces and seeps into fabrics over time, especially fabric seats. To prevent unpleasant odors from becoming entrenched, it is best to drive with the windows open, if possible. As an additional measure, on a sunny day at home, keep your car’s windows or doors open for a few hours; the introduction of fresh air alone can do wonders for getting rid of musty odors. Avoid smoking in your car as much as possible. There’s a reason why newer car models don’t have lighters and ashtrays anymore.



Remember that your car will benefit from regular vacuuming and frequent trips to the car wash for detailing and polishing. Your car will be returned to you spotless and smelling like new thanks to the fact that many car wash services employ sprays, varnish, and other detailing items with that new car scent.

Filters and Vents

The ventilation system is often overlooked despite its obvious importance. As clean as the inside of your automobile may be, the musty odor will accompany you everywhere you go if the air conditioner has been clouded by dust and mildew. Vacuum all of the vents and blast them with air to get rid of any lingering dust. Then, spritz on some cleaning solution and wipe it down. A piece of microfiber cloth on the end of a thin stick can be used to clean the intricate venting systems. The next thing to do is to inspect the air filter. It will be out of sight, so check the manual and replace it if necessary if it’s dirty.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Keep the doors and windows closed as much as you can if your automobile is still fresh enough to have that “new car” fragrance. This not only keeps the odor ensconced in the car, but the increased temperature also helps it to last for a longer period of time. This also implies you shouldn’t leave your windows open for too long on a chilly day, but then, you certainly wouldn’t want them fully open in the dead of winter.

We get it, driving with the windows down is very appealing, especially if you’re driving to luxury destinations. Especially if you’re driving through the countryside and taking in the fresh air, you can smell the air once you reach your destination. If you are ever in the UK countryside and wish to drive down the peaceful roads, relax in a cabin, and spend quality time with your loved ones, check out for ideas for your next family holiday.

Your Air Fresheners Won’t Get Rid Of The Smell


Air fresheners are ubiquitous but never provide a permanent fix. There is a never-ending supply of dangling cardboard objects and bottles of air fresheners that stick onto your air conditioning vents at whatever gas station or auto shop you visit. They may seem effective at first, but in reality, they just cover up bad odors with stronger synthetic ones. The core issue remains unchanged.

A variety of automotive air fresheners promise to restore that “new car” aroma. We have never found them to be effective, despite their bold claims. In order to get that authentic, pleasurable “new car” aroma, all you have to do is shop around online (try searching for choices on Amazon or doing some research on how to make your own) for brand new things. No need for a new fragrance that smells like dirt and mold.