7 Car Cleaning and Detailing Tips from the Pros

Cars are important to many people as if they were their pets or children. They take care of them, invest money into them and always keep them in perfect condition. Still, cleaning a car can be a difficult and tedious job. It is especially complicated if you do not have a yard, but live in an apartment.

But true lovers of their car prefer that they do the whole cleaning process, because they do not trust that someone else will be as detailed as they think they should be.

What most don’t know is that it is not enough to take water and a sponge and wash the exterior of the car. This must be done in much more detail. So today we will bring you car cleaning and detailing tips from the pros, to do the job the right way.

1. Keep the car in the shade

Keep your car in the shade for at least an hour before you start. You do not want hot metal everywhere, where the water will dry within a few seconds and you will not be able to wash nicely.

Stains will remain and will look dirtier than before the start. And also cars, especially black ones, can get so hot that you won’t be able to touch them at all. Park it in the shade, it will make the whole job more pleasant for you. It is not pleasant to stand exposed to the sun for more than an hour at almost 100 degrees.

2. Throw away the garbage first

Before you start cleaning and detailing, clean the whole car of garbage that can interfere thorough cleaning. Empty the ash tray and everything else where you deposited various garbage during the previous periods.

Check under the seat and in the trunk. Do not skip any part. Wash the floor mats with a hose or put them in the washing machine, if they can be washed in the washing machine. If you leave garbage, it will only bother you and you will have to stop starting work later, in order to clean it. So do it right at the beginning.

3. Vacuuming

Once you have picked up and thrown away all the large pieces of garbage, now it is time for a thorough vacuuming. Use a narrow vacuum cleaner extension to be able to access every part of the car’s interior. If you use a wide extension, you will miss most of the dust. Although you can use a wide extension for seats, because they are large areas.

Be especially careful if you are driving your dog in a car. Then go to the trunk and vacuum it thoroughly. If there are things in it, first take them all out and only then vacuum the entire interior. This way, your car will be completely free of dust, which is especially important if someone in the family is allergic to dust. As you can see on, their procedure for cleaning the car interior is the same. Then it is clear to you that these are tips from the pros.

4. Dashboard

Although you may have thought that we are done with the interior and that we are now moving on to the outside, this is still not the case. This is the most sensitive part of the interior, so special attention should be paid to it.

Especially if you own new car, whose dashboard looks like in a spaceship. Take a cloth and wipe the dashboard with special screen care products. Then do it with the steering wheel, just use the means intended for leather. Be careful not to get too wet due to a lot of electronics, which is certainly not waterproof.

5. Washing

Washing your car regularly is crucial to remove any contaminants from your car. And hand washing your car like a pro takes some effort and a few tips to keep in mind, for example, you shouldn’t rub and use the products immediately, this way you risk damaging the paint.

Start from the roof, then go down. This is logical, because if you wash, say, the door first, and then the roof, dirty water will flow down the door and then you will have to start all over again.

Also, the lower part is dirtier than the roof, so let those parts get extra soaked. If you use a bucket, change the water regularly, otherwise you will only spread the dirt that you have already washed. And you can also damage the paint that way. So do not be lazy and change the water regularly. It is best to use a detergent intended for this, and not for washing dishes. If you see that a stain cannot be removed, do not rub persistently, as you will most likely damage the paint in that area. Instead, buy a special spray for it or use a clay bar.

6. Waxing

This is not something you should do every time you clean your car. This is done several times a year, especially if you use special car wash products that already contain wax. Let’s say that on the advice of professionals, it is best to wax three times a year.

First wash it thoroughly according to the previous instructions, then leave it to dry and then smear it with wax. If you do not let it dry, stains will remain. Follow the instructions. Do not apply more or less wax than recommended by the manufacturer. Use the microfiber cloth at the end for polishing.

7. Engine

We believe that this part will be skipped by all those who are not professionals. The engine is the dirtiest part of your car. Although it is not visible, it does not mean that you should not wash it. It is very easy, because it is a very robust and durable part of the car, so you do not have to be especially careful or buy special products. Use soap and water.

Of course, it is important to turn off the engine, so as not to injure yourself. If you skip this part, you can’t say you’re detailing car like a pro. And also, you will be grateful to yourself, if you ever have to open the hood and fix something, if you clean the engine, then you will not get dirty.


Follow all these tips and your car will be as clean as if it had been detailing professionals.