Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Sale in The UK – The Benefits

Many people in the United Kingdom make use of wheelchair accessible vehicles, also known as WAVs. These persons either have a disability themselves or are the family members or friends of someone who does. Although most of them will be content to use the Motability program, some will look for other options.

And just what may those other options be folks? Well, one we’ll focus on today is to select a pre-owned mobility vehicle! Yay.

There is no getting around the undeniable reality that the initial investment of a brand-new wheelchair accessible vehicle can be mind-bogglingly high. Yikes!

However, not everyone who requires mobility has limitless financial resources at their disposal. That’s why, awesomely enough, a used WAV is a superior choice for you if you prioritize portability without breaking the bank. Find out more interesting info on this link

Should I consider the Motability program?

A lot of people have definitely asked themselves this question folks. You should know that there are now worry-free leases available for new and ‘almost new’ WAVs thanks to the government-funded Motability scheme. While the scheme covers everything but the fuel, including maintenance and insurance, there are limitations on such a lease.

The car you obtain through Motability must be used solely for the benefit of the individual who receives the subsidy. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are designed specifically with people who use wheelchairs in mind. This does not entail that the wheelchair user must accompany the automobile on every trip, but it does limit the vehicle’s potential applications.

Say, for instance, you are responsible for a youngster who uses a wheelchair. You pretty much want to use the car to get to the store and pick up some necessities for your kid, such as food and clothing. That’s totally OK.

However, you may not take the car on a trip, such as taking your pals out to dinner or for any other financial gain. The wheelchair user gains nothing from any of these. Motability vehicles don’t require a lot of maintenance, but they do come with their own set of problems.

For instance, there may not be enough room for a driveway. Problems may arise when a family also needs to have a second car for reasons unrelated to the wheelchair user. However, this can be fixed by opting to buy a secondhand mobility vehicle instead. Yikes!

Are used WAVs safe?

Many consumers worry that pre-owned WAVs are not as safe as brand-new ones. But, don’t sweat it because a lot of businesses that sell used vehicles strive hard to set your mind at ease by conducting extensive safety testing on each and every one of their vehicles.

We have a question for you, though. Would you rather be the hundredth person to cross a bridge or the first person to cross a fresh new bridge? When it comes to engineering, it’s not always the newest innovations that prove to be the most effective.

You can turn that frown upside down because all used WAVs for sale go through extensive quality checks. A large number of respectable car lots take pride in stocking only low-mileage, recent-model-year vehicles (often less than five years old). We’re sure you’ll easily find what you’re looking for, but don’t forget to do research as well!

Why stick with buying a used WAV?


Buying a used wheelchair accessible vehicle is no different than buying any other used vehicle. Once you’ve paid for a secondhand WAV, you own it completely. After three years, you can trade in your “almost new” WAV through the Motability program.

You’ll need to sign a new lease and acquire a new vehicle for this. It may take some time to figure this out and make any necessary adjustments so that it works in a certain scenario. The awesome thing is that an old vehicle can be purchased and outfitted with all the necessary adaptations for a wheelchair user.

And do you know what’s even better folks? No one can ever take the vehicle away from you again. This also means the car can be utilized for other purposes besides transporting the wheelchair user. This not only makes it considerably more adaptable but also guarantees that you won’t be in violation of any lease.


Let’s see, what else? Oh, wheelchair accessible vehicles not only make day-to-day tasks like work and shopping simpler, but they also mean that you can easily visit family and friends whenever you want to, which allows you to charge those social batteries.

Being surrounded by supportive loved ones and friends can pretty much lift your spirits and contributes to an overall improvement in quality of life. How awesome is that?

And last but not least, because they make day-to-day activities less difficult, cars that are accessible for wheelchair users relieve stress for the caregiver.

Since there is no need to move anything, there is the potential for more frequent trips out (WAV vehicles can be accessed by a ramp or lift). It indicates that you or your caregiver will be able to schedule things in advance since you will have more options available during the day and evening.

Being able to go out and about offers a stronger sense of well-being not only to the person receiving care but also to the person providing it, and this will bring you more happiness overall. Yay!