What to Do Before Shipping Your Vehicle

While looking into new opportunities, there are times you may require professional car transportation services – especially if you are moving across the state or country. The auto transport firm does not drive your vehicle; instead, they load it onto a carrying truck. In order for your car to arrive in top condition, it’s critical that you prepare yourself and it for shipping.

While fewer than five percent of cars sustain damage during transportation, you can minimize the risk by taking the necessary precautions. Here are a few things you should do before your vehicle is picked up for transportation.

Clean Your Vehicle

It’s critical that you look into all the crucial details before shipping out your vehicle to a new state or city. For starters, it is much more comfortable shipping your car while it is clean than if it is covered with dirt and grease. Apart from comfort, the dirt easily masks any dents or scratches on your car, which can be a huge problem.

Before the auto transport truck arrives, it is critical that you wash your car as thoroughly as possible. When clean, make a note or even take pictures of pre-existing damage to the car – do not forget to include other cosmetic damages. Take photos from numerous angles, date your records and pictures, and confirm that the truck driver has also made an official note of the same.

Insist on having the driver sign against your inspection record. Keep a copy of the report and immediately inform the auto transportation firm. The entire process makes shipping easier for you and the company in case of possible damage caused during transportation.

Remove Personal Items and Custom Parts

During transportation, expect your vehicle to be subjected to multiple inspection checks and is likely to be unloaded and loaded several times. Due to this, your car will be transported unlocked. However, you can reduce chances of theft by removing any aftermarket audio and visual products and GPS systems, and ship them separately.

In addition, do not leave any personal items in your car unless they are approved by the service provided. Some transporters have clear conditions that state cars should not be transported with personal belongings of any sort. Such transporters have this rule because they’re only licensed to transport cars and not goods.

Furthermore, the items in your car may shift during the move, causing damage to your car’s interior, and you’re liable for any damage caused to other vehicles or even the transport truck. Lastly, more items in your car mean added weight, which may affect delivers speed and price.

Leave Little Fuel in Tank

According to Executive Auto Shippers, before you get the vehicle moved to some new place, especially for long distances, always check the fluids. In the process, inspect the undercarriage yourself to ensure that the vehicle is properly repaired and that there are no other problems. Also, ensure that there’s no leakage as it can become a hazard for other cars during shipping.

In case you have identified a problem with an aggressive leak, it’s advisable to have it fixed immediately. Should you try cheating, your auto transport service provider may deny you service.

At the same time, leave some fuel in your car to assist in the offloading and loading process. Keep in mind that the more prepared your car is for shipping, the more likely it is to arrive on time with zero damage.


Even as you carry out the above precautions, remember to turn off the car alarm. If you can’t, provide the truck driver with written instructions on how to turn it off.