Why You Need To Keep Vehicle Maintenance Log

A well made and well-written maintenance log for your vehicle can save you thousands of dollars each year. A maintenance log will take care of any problems before they escalate into major ones. Maintaining your vehicle in top condition also suggests that you can retain the resale value of your vehicle. This means that you can ask for more money when you’re planning on selling it, and it makes a good option for trading it.

But maintaining your vehicle in top condition means nothing if you don’t have the history to prove it, so that’s why you need to keep a maintenance log.

But there are other reasons as to why you need a log, and in this article, we are going to cover them.

1. It Helps You Keep Track

By keeping a maintenance log of your vehicle means that you will know exactly when you’ve changed the tires or changed the oil. This is very helpful since most adults lead a busy life and it can be difficult to remember exactly when you’ve made these changes to your vehicle. Furthermore, you will keep track of your annual maintenance run and will know exactly when you need to take your vehicle for inspection.

2. It Increases The Resale Value of Your Vehicle

A maintenance log for your vehicle can be created on It is a great platform that allows you to create your very own vehicle maintenance template and keep everything up to date.

This is exceptionally important as a well-documented vehicle maintenance log can increase the resale value of your vehicle. Most people are nervous about buying used cars, but you can easily get above the pecking order by showing your maintenance log to potential buyers. This way they will know exactly what has been changed and when the change happened. If your vehicle is in top condition, then there is a potential of asking more money for it.

Furthermore, your chances of a potential trade-in are increased as you can also dictate the value of the vehicle. This is almost single-handedly aided by the fact that you have the records to prove that your vehicle is in perfect condition.

3. It Helps You Keep Everything Organized

It can be hard to remember every single bit of detail associated with your vehicle. People have even had trouble remembering the last time they changed their oil. By keeping a maintenance log, you are effectively organizing every bit of detail associated with your vehicle. This helps you keep everything in one place and finding the right information is easy.

One way to stay organized even with the amount of information is to create a separate folder on your work PC, laptop, or even Mac, and keep your records there. You can use to create a simple template that will help keep everything organized under one roof. Furthermore, you can then print the maintenance log and keep it in your glove compartment. This way, the log will be available to you first hand and it makes for a great way to stay organized. As soon as you receive a receipt, place it in the folder in the glove compartment and input the necessary information when you get home into the maintenance log.