What Are Rubber Grommets And Where To Use Them In Auto Industry

If this is the first time you’re hearing about rubber grommets, then fear not as we are sure that you’ve seen them at least once throughout your life.

Rubber grommets are round little tubes or holes that are predominantly inserted into holes of thin materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Rubber grommets are the little holes on your shower curtains and they are the little things on your rubber shoes.

We use rubber grommets in our everyday life; such is the convenience of these small tools. The use for them is limitless, and they serve a major role in multiple industries. Predominantly found in the construction industry, rubber grommets are used to cover up the rough and sharp edges of a hole in metal. They are used to protect another material that is supposed to be passing through the hole of the rubber grommet.

They are mostly used for wires to safely go through a hole in metal or any other kind of material.

Rubber Grommets

But another industry they are very important in is the automotive industry. Rubber grommets have many uses in automotive applications. They are predominantly used to protect lines, wires, and cables from grazing on rough surfaces. Rubber grommets are also used to seal important body applications and various under-the-hood applications.

Rubber Grommets

Important Features of Rubber Grommets

There are far more uses of rubber grommets both in everyday life and in the automotive industry, and if you want to know more you can read more about them.

Some of the most important features of these items are:
• They are weather – resistant
• They are less affected by the negative effects of UV lights
• Rubber grommets have strong heat resistance
• They will not dry up, crack and come loose
• Rubber grommets are tear – resistant
• Very quick and easy installing
• Ergonomically better, since you don’t have to manually screw them into place
• They are very economical and very practical solutions to many problems in the automotive industry

Rubber Grommets

What is Their Use in the Automotive Industry?

There is a real practical use of rubber grommets in the automotive industry. One of their main uses in this field is to seal important engine components and body applications. Since they are small and practical, they work best in tight spaces or small areas where the use of space is limited.

Wiring Harness Rubber Grommet

The engine is the most important part of your car, and it has a lot of wires and cables go through it. Rubber grommets are used to protect these cables and wires from the extreme shaking of the engine. As you all know, repeated shaking or vibration of the most important wires and cables can cause catastrophic problems to your car.

EPDM Rubber Grommet For Cars

That is why rubber grommets are predominantly used to separate these cables and wires from each other to prevent them from repeatedly colliding or grating against each other. If it wasn’t for rubber grommets, the cables and wires would eventually wear and tear, and even possible severe from the engine. This would make the use of rubber grommets mainly for protection and holding the wires and cables in place.