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What To Do When You Damage Your Car Keys

In the hurry of handling different tasks simultaneously our focus drops and we all make silly mistakes we don’t want everybody to know about. It happens to everyone that they lose their car keys and they just cannot find them anywhere. First, there is no shame in this because it happens regularly, and be sure it will happen to those who claim they are too careful and smart for that. For those who find this amusing, you are next.

When you indeed lose your car keys, the absolutely crucial thing is to stay as calm as you can be and look at your options. Some people let the stress get the better of them and resolve this situation with a fast and harsh decision like smashing the car window, panicking and arguing with almost anyone around them, blame the others for this misfortune, etc. If your car is locked with your keys inside it, or you have lost your set of keys, you need to find a way to unlock your vehicle.

You can start with checking if all the doors on the car are locked. Be sure to check if the trunk is open to find the entering point. Some vehicles have the security system in the case of fire. This means if the car sensors registered fire or smoke in it, or under the car, it automatically unlocks every door. Note, this is not the case with every vehicle, and you need to check out again the security features of your car.

A second solution is another key programmed to unlock your car – a spare key. People tend to be sloppy with the second vehicle key, so we suggest that you place it with the car documentation. The professional locksmith that can make a duplicate key without any help from you is the helping hand you need. Some people are masters of their craft and make spear keys with only a look at your vehicle. I was fortunate enough to have the help of people from who made my life much more comfortable in that situation.

Contacting your car dealer about possible help to unlock your vehicle is another option to explore. Some vehicle dealers include this help when offering you the conditions when you opt to purchase the car from them. Car insurance is an essential fact on this topic. The signed car insurance you have specifies the circumstances in which you can count on roadside assistance for free. We suggest reading it twice before signing.

You can opt to call the tow truck service and resolve the matter in a place where it suits you and requires minimal time. Some of the tow truck services work closely with skillful locksmiths and can resolve the issue in a short time.

We hope that these tips can serve you if you ever find yourself in a situation that is like the one we spoke about.