Car Shipping Atlanta: My Personal Experience

Last year I got a new job in New York. I was thrilled, but in the next moment, I worried about the entire resettlement procedure. I have never been moved to another city before, and even less in another country. The complete happiness was overshadowed by my concern about how I would manage to do it myself.

I was not allowed to let out the dreamy thing in the city of dreamy just because of moving. I select what things are the most important for me. I made a list, and all the things that I don’t need in the new city I sold them.

But I didn’t sell the car. I love my car, and I was worried about how to ship my car from Atlanta to New York. I didn’t want to spend 14 hours of driving, neither to sell the vehicle. So I decided to ship my car with a shipping company from this website. I spend some time doing the research what the best way for a car shipping Atlanta is.

The cheapest way for car shipping Atlanta

During the research, I found something interesting about the price of car shipping. From Atlanta to New York approximately 900 miles are driving. I found out that the cost of shipping a car depends on the distance of transport. I made a calculation, and the cheapest option was to give my car to the shipping company and their team to transport my car to my new home.
Then i needed to choose which type of carrying I want.

There are two options for car carrying:

Open auto transport and Enclosed transport. I choose open auto transport because it was the cheapest.
Then the manager of the company asked me what kind of transport I want. Also two options:
Door-to-door and the other one is Terminal-to terminal. The second option is less expensive, but then i need to drive from one terminal and then again from the terminal in New York, and i choose door-to-door transport.
Then i realise that the cheapest isn’t always the best way. And sometimes, we need to choose what is best.
These shipping options aren’t just for car shipping Atlanta. These are the same options for all US.

My experience with car shipping Atlanta

My biggest concern about moving to another city was shipping the car. But in the end everything went smoothly without worries.
I was wondering should I hire a car shipping company from Atlanta or transportation company from another city. However, I decided on a nationwide transportation company.

The shipping company was very reliable, and they have an amazing team with vast experience and outstanding customer service. For example, offers you a whole new level of customer services. My car arrived in my new home in a short time save and secure. I was pleased about that because I will never be able to function without a car.

My advice

When you need car shipping Atlanta before you decide which company will transport the vehicle, do some research. Choose the company that has long experience in this business, choose the company that has the best team of drivers. From my experience, I learn that when it comes to my essential things in my life, the price I need to pay for the service isn’t that important.