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11 Dos And Don’ts Of Washing Your Car With A Pressure Washer

Keeping your vehicle clean says a lot about you, especially on how tidy you are as a person. However, if you are a person who loves cars, you will put in extra effort on keeping your car shiny. Most people bring their vehicle to a wash so the workers there do their thing, but some people want to do this on their own, so they can admire the work they have done, and put in extra love in their car.

When you are doing it by yourself, there are certain things that you have to follow, and some that you have to avoid so you can do a great job on keeping everything shiny, so both you, and the passengers can feel great using the transportation tool. Although there are many techniques that are being used for this purpose, using a pressure machine is one of the best methods because of the power that it produces so you can remove any dirt.

In this article, we will talk about some of the things that you should do, and some that you should not do while you are taking care of your car using a pressure washer.




Firstly, we are going to look through the things that you should make sure that you do, so you can clean everything properly.

1. Get yourself a proper machine

Before you even plan on doing this on your own, you will need this machine as a basis of your equipment for keeping your vehicle clean, but you can use it also for other things at your house. When choosing a machine, make sure that you can both use water, and a cleaning solution such as the M4 high pressure washer so you can power them directly on the surface, making things easier for yourself. That way, you will have to rub less and you will do a great job easily.

2. Select a good cleaning solution


After getting yourself the proper tool, make sure that you make a good selection of the products that you are going to use. There are many options that you will have to choose from, but you should do research and learn which one is the best for your paint, and the pressure tool as well. That way you will protect both of them, having good results for a longer time.

If you happen to be unsatisfied with the results, or you think another option will be better for your situation, feel free to try it out. You should always look for a solution that will work the best for you.

3. Make sure that your scrubbing tools are in a good shape

Before you start, make sure that the other tools are in good shape. For example, you should pay attention to the shape of the brush. If it is damaged, make sure that you get a new one. You should be doing this after finishing your previous cleaning so you can make sure that it is ready for the next time.

Having your scrubbing tool messed up will cause damage to your vehicle because as you are rubbing and brushing the stains, you will also cause scratches. They are permanent and while you had good intentions, your mistake will cost you bad aesthetics.

4. Wear your rubber footwear

If you point the hose without being careful at your feet, you might be in pain other than getting yourself wet. That is why you should wear your rubber boots because if you point the hose at your feet by mistake, you will be alright and you can continue with your job.

5. Wipe down everything at the end

For the best results, after cleaning everything and washing all the foam in the end, make sure that you wipe everything down perfectly. That way, the drops won’t dry off and cause marks. You can also put in a solution in the end that will make your paint shiny, leaving yourself proud of the job that you did.



Now we are going to go through some of the things that you should avoid doing while taking care of your vehicle so you don’t cause any damage and do a good job cleaning it.

1. Don’t forget the windows

This is a mistake that many people make when they are not paying attention. Before you grab the hose, make sure that you have closed all of the windows so you can prevent water from getting on the inside. This will not take much time, all you have to do is make one circle around your car and that is it.

2. Make sure that you know the distance that you should be spraying from

This is something that you should learn before you try and do it on your own because you can cause damage really easily. If you can’t get this information on the paper that the machine had come from, look on the internet. If you get too close with it, you can cause damage to the paint, which will cost you a lot trying to fix it afterward.

3. Adjust the power of the machine

Instead of using the full potential, make sure that you give it enough pressure to do its job, and not to cause damage. Find how to adjust it on the papers that come with the packaging, or find that information using the internet.

4. Don’t start from the bottom



If you start cleaning from the bottom and plan on going up, every stain that you get from the upper segments will drip down and you have finished nothing in that way. Start from the upper segments, and go down progressively so you can get the best results.

5. Don’t forget to choose the cleaning location

You should pay attention to this thing because there are many small problems related to it, that might cause problems for you. For example, if you place your car far away from the reach of the hose, you will not be able to do the job. Especially if it is just a small part that can’t be reached, you will be completely frustrated. In addition, you should care where you do this because if there are small stones when you hit them with the water, they might jump off and cause damage to the exterior.

6. Don’t forget about the inside


After doing everything perfectly, and it looks the way you wanted, you should not forget about the inside of it. This is the place where you spend all your time while driving, so you should put extra effort and make this enjoyable for you.