Top 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Truck – 2021 Guides and Recommendations

In these times of high fuel prices, it might seem silly to consider ways to improve your vehicle’s performance, as these are almost always associated with increased fuel mileage. However, we have the top 6 ways to upgrade your truck to increase performance that does not affect your gas mileage negatively. Let’s inspect each of them.

1. Always equip the best reusable air filters and performance exhaust systems.

Truck junkies are full of items we use once and then throw away. Air filters are a perfect example. Air filters can be washed and reused, and they will be a great alternative. When you buy one, it might be the last air-filter your car needs. Reusable air filters allow you to increase horsepower and acceleration slightly and have a positive impact on the environment. If you are a truck owner, on the other hand, you can check such air-filter on talkcarswell.

Catalytic converter exhaust systems are a great way to increase horsepower. This system incorporates very wide tailpipes and a silent system that will not reduce performance in your car. One of the other advantages is the impressive sound emitted by the exhaust system.

2. Upgrade to a professional navigation

The EU estimates that fatigue is involved in 10-25% of all road accidents. In his recent report, he found that both reduced sleep and long working hours combine to increase the risk for professional chauffeurs and long-distance vehicle drivers. Also, one in ten people who drive for business purposes admits to having fallen asleep at the wheel.

Professional navigation and remaining driving times are useful in this case. If the driver feels fatigued, the device can find points of interest for trucks, such as parking lots and rest areas suitable for trucks. With WEBFLEET, you always have up-to-date information on driving times and remaining rest periods of drivers. With visibility into how much time each driver still has to drive, you can ensure your team is well-rested and manage compliance more easily.

3. Use WEBFLEET software for many benefits.

A study by the SMOV Institute for Road Safety Research concludes that traffic congestion reduces the chances of a fatal road accident occurring. However, it also increases the likelihood of less serious but still harmful accidents, such as queuing accidents. The report highlights the risk of side impact accidents in congested areas.

Ensuring your drivers are well prepared as they approach or enter congested areas is essential given the damage these accidents can cause to a vehicle. Since accidents can also disrupt the normal flow of traffic, it is important to know if their route will take them to the site of a recent accident, so you can change plans or prepare for the disruption.

A fleet management solution like WEBFLEET gives you access to accurate traffic information in proper time. It can predict where congestion will occur based on billions of data points, collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices. The software allows you to plan more effectively and keep your drivers away from trouble spots.

4. Training for truck drivers

Many factors contribute to road accidents. However, the European Union says that human error is estimated to be involved in around 95% of them. Even though truckers are often the most skilled drivers on the road, it does not make them perfect. Eventually, even a highly skilled driver can develop dangerous driving habits, from speeding to chatting on the phone, to stalking.

A fleet management solution like WEBFLEET offers insights into driver behavior. You can view a range of valuable data points from every journey of your drivers. It comes with an overview of incidents such as speeding, hard steering, cruise control engagement, or sudden breakdown. It allows you to focus on where your drivers are taking unnecessary risks and to improve performance.

While this information allows you to take action to improve performance, you will not always be there to refer every driver in your fleet. The PRO Driver terminal offers the driver a coaching service on board the vehicle while he is behind the wheel, with advice such as coasting, for example. Plus, with its text-to-speech functionality, you can get vital messages for your team without distracting them from the road.

5. Improve the truck horn

The horn of the trucks is part of the signaling elements of the vehicles. Truck horn is like those included in the visual signaling. It plays a fundamental function as it is useful for alerting distant people of the presence of the vehicle.

Sometimes, you are not satisfied with the sound of the truck horn. So many drivers replace the factory-fitted horn with additional truck horns. The choice of the sound of the truck horn is subjective, as safety requirements can dictate it, but also only by personal taste. Some drivers buy truck horns to customize the vehicle to make them unmistakable, even in sound.

6. Double-clutch applied


Older trucks still on the road require the old double-clutch to shift into gear. Double-clutch applied to most modern vehicles you do not need it, it punishes gearboxes and side effects and fuel is wasted. We are talking about an increase in spending of up to 30% in the worst case. Do not stop worrying about the correct ratio of engine power to the optimum number of speeds for each gear.

Final Words

Like many other sectors, the road transport sector is now amid a global digitization process. Companies with company vehicles that will not adapt to new procedures and new digital tools seriously risk losing competitiveness. Therefore, they are being excluded from the market that matters. That’s why we introduce the top 6 ways to upgrade your truck.

The costs for each of these performance enhancements can differ. Buying online from a trusted wholesaler is one of the best ways to find top quality parts at the lowest prices. By installing all this yourself, you can save a lot and enjoy your car in no time.