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10 Helpful Tips To Learn Driving Even In Coronavirus Lockdown

The never-ending alarming consequences of the Corona pandemic have caged us for so long that life has almost become unbearable. Like many other things, you probably had to postpone your driving class or test for an indefinite period.

Life in every aspect has come to a standstill due to the Corona pandemic. However, people are fighting back & trying to cope with the situation as much as possible.

People are still maintaining enough safety precautions such as wearing masks, using hand gloves, and carrying sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays. After ensuring all these safety precautions, you can step out of your house and lead a “new normal” life. You can reschedule your driving classes & hone your skills.

To make sure you don’t face any disruption while driving during this pandemic, you need to follow some steps. Hop on board as we discuss those quick tips that will help you learn driving during this lockdown.

1. Review Your Theoretical Lessons

You probably have completed all of your theory lessons & were ready for your upcoming theory test. But because of the pandemic, the test might have rescheduled.

Now is the perfect time for you to review again what you have read so far. Go through those chapters that caused you lots of trouble. Revise again if you have covered all of the sections.

Going through your book repeatedly will give you an extra benefit. Overall, you will be confident enough to get a good score in the upcoming written exam.

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2. Sharpen Your Hazard Knowledge

Hazard signs are always a bit tricky for any new driver. If you are a beginner, you will find it utterly boring to concentrate on the hazard signs just by reading.

Another vexing part of hazard knowledge is that what may not seem hazardous to you, may seem dangerous to your examiner. It’s a bit tricky in this regard. However, to handle this irking situation, you can go through the roads & highways rules and regulations or watch a few videos on YouTube.

3. Be Well Informed About Traffic Signs

Going through traffic signs will save you tons of errors that could instantly disqualify you. If you can recognize traffic signs confidently, that automatically makes you a responsible driver.

Most accidents occur due to the driver’s poor knowledge of the traffic signs.

If you find it difficult to memorize all those traffic signs, you can try a simple yet convenient way. You can set the brake sign before entering any room, or put a divider sign while crossing two adjacent rooms. Also, you can add an intersection sign for the hallway to the bedroom. While passing, try to remember the signs & do what you should do if it were a real road.

4. Involve Family In A Quiz Or Trivia Game

If you find it dull going through the traffic signs, hazard signs, roads & highway rules, you can undoubtedly try playing some games with your family. So, why don’t you give it a try?

If you have relatives living far from your place, try ZOOM calls. Besides, you will also be able to spend some quality & fun time with your relatives. Call them over the ZOOM app & organize a quiz show about your driving test.

This will certainly make your locked-down day fun and you will learn a lot as well.

5. Brush Up the Basics Of Your Car

During the exam, you will always have plenty to show me ask me questions. So, why not start memorizing and learning all of them right now?

Review all the functions of the different parts of the car that your instructor taught you.

Don’t skip some common questions like opening your car’s bonnet & checking out the engine’s condition, washing the front windscreen, etc.

Get behind the wheel before driving & ask yourself about the functions of many components of the car. Compare every day about how many you answered correctly. Learn from your family members about some essential maintenance of the vehicle during this lockdown.

6. Follow Some YouTubers

YouTube is the perfect place for learning & sharpening your knowledge. Lots of YouTubers are out there teaching ABCs of cars.

Try to follow any of them & you will learn a lot. Spending your leisure time on YouTube like this will give you a head’s up.

7. Take Precaution & Practice Someplace Quiet

Before driving your car, be sure to wear PPE & take enough safety precautions. Disinfect the seat and the steering wheel. Find someplace quiet & then practice driving.

However, if you haven’t sat before the wheels, even before the lockdown, don’t try to drive immediately. Take an expert’s help. If you couldn’t find any, choose from your family over 21 years of age who have at least a few years of driving experience. Without any professional support, don’t drive alone.

8. Give Your Test Route A Go

You probably already know the route and location of your driving test. If you haven’t figured it out, the place will be somewhere close to your exam center.

Once you have understood the route, try to hone your driving skill during this pandemic. Challenge yourself during a hot sunny day, cloudy weather, or on a rainy day. Practicing on the test route will give you tons of confidence.

9. Stop Trying New Things

One of the mistakes most participants make is that- they try new tactics that they learned just yesterday, instead of focusing on all those previous lessons.

Don’t need to push yourself too much. Go through all that you have learned before. Trying something new may result in something terrible. So, stay out of it.

10. Calm Yourself

Most importantly, relax. Nothing can go wrong. Have faith in yourself. Almost 60% of participants fail in their driving test because of nervousness. It’s utterly natural to panic, become anxious.

Worrying too much won’t do you any good. If you go through all those basics again & remain confident during the test, you are sure to ace it. Besides, you have plenty of time left thanks to the pandemic. So, try to work on your nervousness issue & get a grip on it.

Final Thoughts

Because of the lockdown, a lot of places are emptier than before and you can use this to your advantage to brush up your driving skills and even prepare for an upcoming driving test.