Rtech Fabrications Ponderosa is a 20-foot-long Lucent Green giant

During the past few decades, there have been so many truck models which were envisioned as concepts only, but they never came into existence. One of these trucks is Rtech Fabrications Ponderosa.

History & Price

First of all, Rtech is a manufacturer from Idaho which dealt with the production of Chevrolet and GMC trucks from 196 to 1972. The cost of a unit has been predicated to be a bit more expensive in comparison to other similar models. So, the base price has been estimated at $150K with additional costs for additional upgrades.


The manufacturer is known for many bold designs of that time and one of those is the Fabrications Ponderosa one which was actually a mixture of the designs of 1996 K30 Chevrolet and 1972 C30. The result of this combination is actually a monster truck which would be 8ft tall and which would be 20ft long.

The entire unit would be constructed from the sheet metal, 16-gauge one. The roof was predicted to have additional bracing and the front bumper was designed to be extremely strong. The entire unit was made to be very spacious.

The truck would be made to have four doors and there would be a huge cargo area. It should be also mentioned that the manufacturer decided to use hydraulic mounts that are placed between the body and the frame and this increased the overall composure of the unit.

When we are talking about the grille, we need to mention that it is made of chrome and that it came from a 1966 Chevrolet. The grille was painted in silver color and there are LED lights nicely incorporated into it. The wheels used for the truck are of astonishing 20 x 8.25 inches. There is also a wrap, Nitto Trail Grapplers one, of 37 inches.

Rtech Fabrications Ponderosa Engine

It was predicted that the unit would have a diesel engine, a Cummins one that can be found in Rams, which would be capable of providing 500 horsepower and 1300 lb-ft of torque. More precisely, the engine that would be used would be a 5. Liter one that would also have 12 valves.

The engine would also have 3 injectors, Dynomite Diesel Stage ones, and it would also have K&N Intake as well as BD Diesel Manifold. The exhaust used would be a Flowmaster that would be of 4 inches. When the fuel capacity is in question, we should point out that the unit has a tank of 60 gallons.

The engine would be paired to the manual transmission which would have a twin clutch and which would have 5 speeds. When the axles are concerned, both the front and the rear one are Dana, the first one 60 and the second one 70 and the suspension for them has been done by the usage of reservoir shock of Biltsein 5160 and by the usage of leaf springs, Skyjacker ones.