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7 Things Never To Do After a Truck Accident – 2021 Guide

Truck accidents aren’t anything uncommon in the United States. As a matter of fact, there were almost 2,800 fatal accidents involving trucks in the US in 2019.

This points out that truck accidents are some of the most fatal types of accidents out there. But when one occurs, there are specific things that you should absolutely never do.

However, there is only one thing you should do – and that is calling your personal injury attorney. Only he can support you in these situations and help you with conducting the procedure. A lawyer will be there by your side to take care of all the medical, financial, and legal processes for you, by collecting the evidence and profs for your case. In that way, you can get a fair settlement that that will satisfy your best interests. Also, you will get the medical treatments and care you deserve, as well as the financial support you have the rights on. So, after the accident consult with the experts from the or some other law firm and provide yourself the best legal defense and recovery compensation.

As to what these things are, well you will have to continue reading to find out. With all that said, let’s start.

1. Never Leave the Scene


Leaving the scene of the crime is direct proof that you are indeed guilty. This is also the case involving truck accidents. Throughout the United States, leaving the scene after an accident is illegal by both federal and state law.

This makes this the biggest mistake you can do, and one you should always avoid doing. There are specific things you should do as opposed to leaving the scene. But we won’t get into that as this article is specifically about things you should not do.

However, to give you a general understanding, the first thing you should do is exit your vehicle and dial 911. And that puts us nicely to the next thing, which is…

2. Not Dialing 911

Not dialing 911 after an accident is not only dangerous but potentially life-threatening for all parties involved. Depending on the severity of the crash, you are putting the other driver or passengers in danger by not dialing 911.

While everyone should try and call 911 after an accident, the most able-bodied people involved should make that a top priority. Since trucks are significantly larger than cars and are significantly more dangerous to the other drivers, chances are you’ll suffer fewer injuries.

And the chances of the other driver or passenger suffering injuries are drastically increased. Dialing 911 and explaining the situation to the operator gives all parties a higher chance of survival during a more serious accident.

By calling in the minute the crash occurs, you are increasing the chances of survivability of all parties involved.

3. Not Getting Their Information


The golden rule of crashes is that you always exchange information with the other party. Regardless if you’re driving a truck, a van, or a car, you should always exchange information as it is the insurance companies that handle these cases.

While the police will be the first on the scene, the only way to pay for damages is through your insurance company.

While certain crashes can be more severe than others and leave you dizzy and/or disorientated, forgetting to exchange information is a huge mistake to avoid.

4. Not Contacting Your Lawyer

In the case of more severe accidents, one thing you should never forget is to call a lawyer. Let’s be real about it. You can certainly handle your own case, but why would you do that if you’re innocent? An attorney can make or break your case.

This is the sort of person that makes sure you get compensated for your injuries. This person will handle the case and make sure you win it if it goes to court. Also, this person will take over communications from the opposing party’s lawyer and the insurance company.

Since you will most likely be approached and given compensation, an attorney can determine whether the damages can be compared to the money they offer.

Simply put, an attorney in more severe cases is the one thing you should absolutely always get.

Truck and car accident attorneys, such as Eric Ramos Law, specialize in such cases. They know the ins and outs and completely understand what needs to be done.

5. Admit Fault


This is the sort of thing that you would absolutely hate to do. Admitting fault is the equivalent of giving your opponent a 100 point advantage in basketball.

You will most likely lose your case if you admit fault. While it might sound like the right thing after a crash, it isn’t really that smart.

If you do admit fault, then your insurance company and your attorney will have an uphill battle to fight. Since these are the sort of people that fight for you, that uphill battle is automatically your own battle.

So, by admitting fault, you are making it harder to win your case.

6. Never Deny Suffering Injuries

The more injuries you sustain during a truck crash, the more you’ll be compensated if you win your case. Even if you feel fine after a nasty crash, it is most likely the adrenalin speaking.

An adrenalin rush isn’t anything unusual when in a truck accident, or any other sort of accident. Adrenalin makes it possible for us to feel fine when we’re not. It can lessen pain and mask any potential injuries that you’ve suffered.

But denying that you’ve suffered an injury even well after the crash is a recipe for disaster. Insurance companies look at one very specific thing when determining the severity of the case – personal injury.

If you are indeed injured, then you are eligible to sue for personal injury. However, you have to get examined by a medical professional to determine the severity of the injuries. If the injuries are more serious, then you can expect a higher compensation amount.

But never deny that you’ve suffered any injuries as that can make or break your case. No matter how small the injury; report it to your attorney.

7. Never Sign a “Quick-Hit” Release


Insurance companies are very nasty to deal with after truck accidents. They know exactly the amount of money you’re owed and they know exactly what to do to tempt you.

There is a thing called “Quick-Hit” release, which is essentially a strategy that insurance companies practice. What they will essentially do is offer you some sort of money in exchange for signing a release. They usually offer this deal very early, within days of the accident.

When you initially receive their financial offer, it might look like good money. But do know that if they offer a higher amount then the case is most likely skewed in your favor.