8 of the Worst Car Problems that Aren’t Worth Fixing

When it comes to vehicular issues, it’s always possible to resolve minor problems such as jump-starting a worn-out battery or replacing a bad AC. However, there are also a handful of issues that are already deemed as a lost cause.

These issues can either be relatively simple or incredibly complex. Moreover, even professionals sadly cannot do anything when it comes to these cases.

Check out the article below to know more about the list of car issues that are not worth fixing.

Irreparable Car Problems

At times, when tackling vehicular issues, the most important skill to win is knowing when it’s time to call it quits.

Although cars are not cheap, they aren’t that inexpensive to repair, and acknowledging when to raise the white flag is the most practical choice when repairs become too much to handle.

Bad Transmission

The Transmission is also a vital part of the vehicle as much as the engine. Thus, if either breaks down, it’s likely that your car would also become unusable.

And, by any means, replacing the transmission is no easy feat and neither is shelling out money for it. The cost of repairing a faulty transmission would likely rob you a fortune and may still not work as properly.

Bent Frame

Once a car has encountered a heavy impact, it would likely result in a bent frame. If your car has developed a bent frame, it would be best to buy a new vehicle.

It’s because a bent frame can usually cause harm to the car’s main frame. With that, it is likely that the inner parts are damaged too.

Although some mechanics could set the frame right, the frame’s efficiency would also depend on the amount of damage.

Blown-up Head Gasket

The gasket is a part of the vehicle that separates the block from the head of the engine. Once it breaks, expect that you’d spend so much on the repairs that it’d be better to purchase a new car.

This is due to the fact that once the gasket breaks down, the engine oil and antifreeze would mingle together and would make it the worst emulsion ever.

It would create a veil of smoke that would come out while you are driving. Whenever you pop the hood, it would seem okay after a hefty cooling off, however, the issue is definitely a sporadic one.

In time, your car’s mileage will dive even below pathetic. All in all, it’s best to listen to the expert advice and don’t even bother fixing it.

Damaged Frames

Bent or damaged frames are usually caused by car accidents, like colliding into something while coming into contact with another car.

Although you can repair it to its former condition, some of its parts have already weakened parts and are considerably vulnerable to sudden impacts.

This is especially troublesome if you usually drive on rough roads, and would equate to a constant cycle of repairs and wrecks that can make your expenses skyrocket.

Electrical Glitches

Although electrical issues may seem a bit to commonplace, the truth is that the more modern your vehicle is, the more expensive and trickier it is to fix.

All in all, it is for the best that you replace your car. Thus, it’s practical to look for a possible buyer as soon as your trusted car inspection company such as Lemon Squad spots the first symptoms of an electrical glitch.

PCM Defects

Simply, the Power Control Module (PCM) is the car’s brain, which has nerves that extend throughout its system.

According to Kingsway Transmission, having the PCM damaged is incredibly serious, for it will influence a lot of parts such as the car’s communication and charging system, and also the emission and transmission controls.

The worst part is when you think that everything is finally working out, another issue would pop up elsewhere, and you’d need to fix it again.

Rod Knocks

Connecting rods or rod knocks are the part of the engine that connects the crankshaft to the piston.

Another hint that the connecting rods are faulty is when there is a distinct low pitched thumping sound that gains frequency as the engine quickens.

When this happens, expect that you’d have to spend a ton of money to have your engine completely removed or disassembled.

Rust and Surface Corrosion

Rust and surface corrosion are some of the issues that are incredibly hard to remove. Moreover, even though you’ve successfully gotten rid of them, it is only temporary for it can come back.

A car has numerous areas with rust that would really damage your car. These spots would cost you a whole lot on repairs, especially if they’re spreading to core locations.


It is a common perception that when you buy a new car, you’d expect that nothing wrong will happen with it as long as you take care of it properly.

But, the fact about cars is that not every issue can be fixed. Your only practical choice is to buy a new car.