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Pirelli Continues Delivery Of Tires To Formula 1 Till 2024

Pirelli Tire will continue the tradition he started in 2011. Italian tire manufacturer is the winner of the tender for the official tires supplier for Formula 1 for the 2020-2024 season.

Due to the changes that will come out of the 2021 season, Pirelli will have to deliver 18-inches tires, and covers for heating will be prohibited. Also, before the production of new tires, Pirelli will produce tires that have been used so far. There is no doubt that motorsport, especially Formula 1, can help manufacturers produce and deliver higher-quality products for commercial and on road use, similar is with Pirelli. If you want to check Pirelli tires and what they currently offer, go to

Pirelli have been an important and valued partner to Formula 1 since 2011, says Chase Carey, chairman of Formula 1.

“They are leaders in providing innovative state of the art capabilities.
“They are a premium brand, a clear global leader in motorsport and our ongoing partnership with them is proof once more of our desire to align F1 with the best in motorsport and beyond.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement, which guarantees a long-term stable future for such a crucial component of Formula 1.”

Jean Todt, president of FIA says:
“I am happy to have Pirelli appointed for another period as official tire supplier to the FIA Formula 1 world championship.

“It will allow all of us to enjoy the experience gained since 2011.
“We know how crucial and difficult is the role of the tire supplier and, particularly, in Formula 1.”

It should be noted that the only applicants for the tender were Pirelli and Hankook. On the other hand, Michelin, who once produced tires for Formula 1, has now not applied for the new tender because he has a contract for the production of 13-inches tires for the 2021 season.

President of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera says:
“It’s excellent news that Pirelli is prolonging its partnership with Formula 1 until 2024.”

“This new agreement extends our presence to a total of 13 seasons in the modern era, with Pirelli also present in 1950, when the world championship was inaugurated.

Formula 1 is and will remain the pinnacle of motorized competition: the perfect environment for Pirelli, which has always defined motorsport as its most advanced technological research and development laboratory.”